Candies and Sweets; the Best and Worst

I was at a Christmas party last night and I was given some candy which got me to thinking about some of my favourites, and my “less” favourite types of candies. 

First the three types of candy that I really enjoy. My favourite that can be purchased basically anywhere; the Crispy Crunch chocolate bar. Just enough sweetness, combined with the crunchy caramel centre that makes it all work just beautifully. 

After the Crispy Crunch chocolate bar my taste in sweets gets a little more exotic – Turkish Delight. Not the kind you buy in a grocery store but the kind you buy in a specialty shop. That ultra fine dusting of finer than fine icing suagr, the tender and yet softly yielding resistance as I bite into the cube of Delight…delightful. 

And then my other favourite, not a third choice, just another choice, the somewhat exotic All-sorts. Soft black licorice squares combined with those yellow and pink circles. Weirdly delicious. 

But then, the “candy” that is horrible beyond imagination; Turtles. Yuck. Disgusting. A solid caramel centre covered in crappy milk chocolate. The caramel centre is jaw-breaking. And once you do loosen it up it will break into chewy bits that will stick in your teeth for many weeks or worse, it will suck the fillings right out of your teeth. Yuck. 

And the final candy that disgusts and disappoints; Skittles. There is that moment when I open the package and I see those beautiful little shapes and my heart skips a beat thinking they maybe changed and are now like M&Ms. But no. They have that moment of sweetness when you start to chew them and then they only bring me heart ache and disappointment. Super chewy little balls of misery. 

Crispy Crunch bars, Turkish Delight, and All-sorts are my candy go-to candies. What we your favourites and not so favourites? Feel free comment on this blog post to tell me your favourites and not-so favourites. 

Noodle Soup with Soft Poached Egg

Today’s high school cafeteria lunch was a bowl of noodles in a sweet and savoury broth. The spiralized carrots and radish added a nice little crunch to the soup while the steamed spinach created a little bed for the beautiful soft poached egg. 

While the soup was delicious, it didn’t fill me up completely so I wandered over to Raw Cuts Sandwich shop for a sandwich. 

They made a bang up good job on their classic sandwich filled with turkey breast. Half of that sandwich was more than enough to fill me up! 

That was lunch.