NFLD Dressing and Gravy on Chips at Austin Fish and Chips

A good Newfie buddy of mine took me to Austin Fish And Chips in Coquitlam the other day because he wanted me to try this dish called Newfoundland Dressing and Gravy on Chips.

NFLD Dressing and Gravy

NFLD Dressing and Gravy


An order of Newfoundland Dressing and Gravy with chips is $6.75. However, if you just add it on to an order of fish and chips it just costs an extra $3.75.

Seeing as I wanted a piece of fish and they had a one piece fish and chips with a drink on sale for $5.99, I just added the $3.75 dressing and gravy to my $5.99 lunch order.


I have to admit, this really is an odd dish.




The dressing is a weird combination of what tastes like very fine, powdery bread-crumbs with sage. Just weird. But you know what? It works.

I ate it. And I enjoyed it.

I had to ask the server how it is that they serve Newfoundland Dressing and Gravy on their chips and she really had no good answer. She said they have been serving them for 35 years and people come from far and wide to eat their NFLD Dressing and Gravy. She added that Newfie people particularly come back to Austin Fish and Chips once they know they can get a taste of home all the way out west.

Austin Fish and Chips is located at 1119B Austin Ave, Coquitlam, BC. Phone them at 604-937-7244. You can also read the Urbanspoon scoop on this place.

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  1. Yep! That’s totally how we eat chips, dressing & gravy in Newfoundland. It’s actually summer savoury used in the dressing here though, not sage.

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