A birthday of sorts

To an individual who has not yet experienced a pregnancy or had the joy of children living with them from birth, a pregnancy is nine months long. Maybe some will say nine months and a week. However, once you have travelled the road of pregnancy, all that changes.

You see, pregnancy is not measured in months at all. As I have discovered, it is measured in weeks and sometimes (in our case anyway) in days. My sweet little bean pods were born on day one of week 33 of the pregnancy. Being twins that is not unusual, you try to get to week 34 or even better to week 36 but ours arrived on their own personal schedule, essentially seven weeks before their “due date”.

So their early arrival creates some confusion as to their age. When out in the public and someone asks how old your babies are in you say, well four months and they look a little aghast at the development of them, you have to add that they are actually two month, adjusted or corrected age. See spending four, five or six weeks in a hospital incubator or crib does not actually advance your development. In fact, in some ways, it slows your development. Just because they arrived at the party early does not mean they are as physically developed as a baby that would have gone full term.

At any rate, now that they are six months, actually born six months ago, they are almost caught up to their expected rate of development. So today we are celebrating their six month birthdays by going out to Denny’s where they can have a free Grand Slam breakfast…and if perchance they can not finish their meal, I will step in and assist them.

Happy birthday to my sweet little princesses.

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A new stroller for the twins

Today we went out and bought a stroller for our twin girls. We already have a McLaren umbrella-style stroller that we have been using on and off during the summer months. However, that stroller is really only useful in a mall or on a smooth sidewalk. The small plastic wheels dig into the trail and make going for a walk a very frustrating exercise, similar in effect to plowing your way through your driveway.

So today we went out and splurged on a Mountain Buggy double stroller with the two front wheels. This is a stroller we can take up the Grouse Grind, but as my dear friend Patrick says, are you ever going to do that? Probably not, but it is nice to have that option! It is a perfect stroller for walking around trails and bombing along the city streets as I try to lose the weight that accumulated around my waist during our pregnancy.

Unfortunately it did not come with the storm cover so we will be making another trip to a baby store in an effort to source one out.

Even though we now have this fancy new stroller we will continue with our preferred practice of using the uber-convenient baby carriers that attach the baby directly to one’s chest or back. When travelling to places like Granville Island, the carriers are the only way to travel. We have to cringe when we see other parents trying to push their Buick-sized strollers through the mob of Granville Island shoppers.

More information on the new Mountain Buggy once we get outside with it, probably this weekend.

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Smiles and love

You have been awake for far too long in the night holding a crying baby, you are tired and you have a long day of work ahead outside of the house, you haven’t had a morning coffee yet, you are grumpy. And then you look in the crib and see two beautiful babies looking up at you with smiles stretching from ear to ear and your heart sings and its all good!

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Nursing brassiere

The term “nursing brassiere” took on an entirely different meaning this morning. Story and Annalie are beginning to teeth and so they like to gum at things. When I looked in at Story this morning somehow she had gotten her hands on a nursing brassiere and she was gumming away at it. In fact, you might say she was nursing the nursing bra.

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The Bears

What it is all about...for me.

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A rough night

You know it has been a rough night when sometime late in the afternoon I emerge from the house clad in baggy pyjama pants with stained white undershirt partially on, completely unshaven, crazed look in my eyes as I clutch an empty baby bottle. Usually dog is in tow to let her out of the house to have a merciful pee in the front yard. While the door is open you can hear the wails of anguish of what appears to be a milk starved infant. Yep, it was a rough night.

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The twins first Thanksgiving dinner

It is inspiring to see what a father can do while holding a baby in one hand. I am often at the keyboard with a baby perched on my knee watching as I tap-tap-tap on the keyboard. They are so inquisitive of all that surrounds them. This evening I ate my Thanksgiving dinner with a baby perched on the knee. Cutting my food with my fork and eating with one hand. It is heavenly to have a such great dinner company. It is also interesting to think of how the wee’uns see the world; while this is one in a long series of Thanksgiving dinners, this is Annalie and Story’s first Thanksgiving. Life is beautiful.

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Coffee at the village

This morning Annalie and I went down to the Village for an early Thanksgiving coffee. It is neat to see so many other fathers out with their little ones. There was one father who came in with a baby even smaller and then my twin dolls. I like this. Yesterday I saw many fathers walking while pushing strollers. Funny how you do not notice these things until you have joined the ranks of the fathers walking with little ones.

The same applies to vans. Who notices vans until you need one? I am getting tired of trying to jam myself, my partner and the twins into the car. Driving with my knees pressed against the steering wheel really sucks. It is a fine balance of pain though, which sucks more, jamming self against steering wheel or driving a van? At some point we will have to begin test driving vehicles.

At this point we are gearing up for a Thanksgiving walk through the forest. It is fun to watch the girls looking at the trees with such wonder. I can only imagine the brain development that is taking place every time we step outside. And step outside we will now. More later.

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Sunday morning breakfast

Went to my usual Sunday morning breakfast with a baby. Today was Story’s turn to get out for one-to-one time with her Papa. She was a little cranky being out today probably because her mother wrapped her in so many layers of clothing she could barely move Lord help us when it actually gets cold outside). Then sitting in the car seat at the diner table while I drink coffee and talk about motorcycles is probably not much fun. She really likes being held as if she is standing up so that she can look around and see what is going on around her. That puts a smile on her face.

Fortunately it was not fine dining so the other people in the diner really could not complain that there was a whiny baby in the house. Besides, it is usually the same people who go to the diner each Sunday so they are used to me and my twins coming to eat there on Sundays.

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Probably the single most important product we use are diapers. Holy crap do we use a lot of diapers. I get quite excited when I go to Costco and see there is a coupon for diapers. Ahhh…the small pleasures we get from life now.

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