Traveling and Eating Through the Fraser Canyon

I am back into my driving the Fraser Canyon routine and wow, the food choices in the Canyon have never been so good.

First up, breakfast from Chef Todd at Fat Jack’s Diner just north of Boston Bar. A Swiss cheese, kale, and sausage omelette. Delicious. The hashbrown potatoes  are too under-cooked for my liking, but the overall breakfast experience is very positive.

Fraser Canyon

And of course a drive through the Fraser Canyon does not happen without a stop at 293 Wallace Street.

Although chef Hiro Takeda is now working in Copenhagen Denmark with the people from the world renowned Noma Restaurant, he has left his restaurant in the hands of Brent (who’s last name I regretfully have forgotten). Chef Hiro trained Brent so I trust the restaurant is in good hands.


Fraser Canyon

My travel companion and I started with what I would call a very unusual appetizer – fresh pork rinds. Yep. Pork rinds.

They arrived at the table hot and snapping as they continued to pop and expand. I would definitely order these again.

Fraser Canyon

For my main course I went with the Crispy Pork Belly. The little pool of green stuff on the plate is a green tomato and jalapeno jam. There could have been more jalapeno in the jam.

To balance the fattiness of the pork belly there is a a good selection of of house pickled vegetables – yellow beets, carrots, and yes, mushrooms. Very cool.

The roasted Brussels sprouts were awesome. I will now only eat Brussels sprouts if they are roasted.

My travel companion being a much less adventurous diner than me, he opted for the 293 Wallace Street signature burger. He reported that it was a “very good” burger. He did admit that he prefers less meat in his burger than this one had.

Fraser Canyon

For dessert I asked the server to get the kitchen to make something for me. Lemon cheesecake with a graham crumb and a berry sauce. With ants.

As I have said before, if you get beyond thinking about eating the ants, they add a very strong citrus flavour to the cheesecake. I seriously encourage you to try the ants on their dessert. It is a flavour sensation.

Fraser Canyon

And finally, after drinking I can’t count how many crappy cups of coffee from that place started by a hockey player, I have discovered The Blue Moose coffee shop in Hope.

Awesome coffee. Pricey pastries and sandwiches but they certainly looked good!

Traveling the Fraser Canyon has never before been such a good time for foodies.

293 Wallace St

A buddy of mine and I had to make a run up the Fraser Canyon Friday evening so we seized the opportunity to stop in and eat at Chef Hiro Takeda’s place, 293 Wallace St in Hope.

As usual, I went to the more “edgy” side of his menu while my travel companion played things a little more conservative.

My buddy  had the surf and turf. A nice 7 ounce steak cooked to medium rare. The surf component was made up of three good sized prawns. The generous potion of garlic smashed potatoes were very tasty. A safe choice. A good choice.

I took our server’s choice and went for the grilled pork shoulder on a bed of short grain rice with  Japanese mayonnaise and pickled pine mushrooms, tempura broccoli, and a soft boiled egg.

The egg was cooked to a perfect soft boiled. Absolute perfection.

The pork was sliced thin and marinated in lemongrass. The grilling gave it a deep and smoky, almost bacon like flavour. Outstanding.

For dessert I asked Chef Takeda to take me to the edge of the menu and make sure there were ants involved.  

I asked for ants to be involved because earlier in the week I saw on Chef’s Facebook page (yes, I follow Chef Takeda on Facebook) that he had collected his first ants of the season!

The ants on my ultra creamy vanilla cheesecake added a burst of citrus flavour to each mouthful. Awesome.

The blackberry compote preserves were a throwback to the glories of last summer’s heat and a hint of the soon to arrive to the Fraser Canyon spring.

This was our first stop to see Chef Takeda at 293 Wallace St in Hope BC. It was great to see he is still doing his magical stuff in the kitchen.