New Westminster’s Old Crow Coffee Co

Do you know why the hipster burned his lip while drinking coffee? Because he drank it before it was cool. 

Speaking of hipsters, the Old Crow Coffee Company looks like an atypical hipster enterprise. 

After all, who, other than some hipsters would open a coffee shop on a one-way back street in New Westminster and expect to have success? 

But you know, the folks behind Old Crow Coffee Co are doing good stuff. Of course I only tried an Americano coffee but I have to say, it was a very tasty cup of coffee. 

I will definitely be returning to Old Crow Coffee to try more of their menu. 

The Old Crow Coffee Company is located at 655 Front Street in New Westminster. 

Starbucks Caramelized Honey Latte

I received an email letting me know that the Wizards in the Starbucks lab had created a new drink – caramelized honey latte – and that I should try it. In fact if I did try it, they would give me three bonus stars on my Starbucks card. Who can resist bonus stars? So I tried it  

Actually, I tried it twice. The first time I didn’t like it at all. However, when I finished the drink I realized why – all the caramelized honey goo was still on the bottom of the cup! 

Second try I made a point of thoroughly stirring the latte so the honey mixture on the bottom of the cup got mixed into the drink. 

Much better. Especially if you like incredibly sweet latte drinks. 

Something I found odd though – the foam on the top of the latte was industrial strength. Even after rigorously stirring the latte the foam didn’t break down. 

The tall size caramelized honey cost about $5. To be honest, I won’t have one again. It was nice but too sweet and rich and at $5 for a drink – I’ll save my money for when I’m at my local craft brewery. 

A Burnaby Starbucks Closes

It is not often that you see an independent coffee shop stay open and the Starbucks across the street from it close up shop. However, that is exactly what happened on the corner of 10th Ave and 6th St along the Burnaby, New West border.

Starbucks Closes Up

The Starbucks has closed and the independent coffee/sandwich shop is still open. I do not hide the fact that I really enjoy a cup of Starbucks coffee but I stopped enjoying their pastries and sandwiches when they started bringing them in from from somewhere in Washington state.

The local coffee shop, Raw Cuts Sandwich Shop has good quality coffee and excellent sandwiches that are made of site by a really nice couple. Sure they could use better quality bread but I’m not going to complain. Where else can I get a great tasting, freshly prepared egg, cheese, and ham sandwich with a coffee for $4.50?

I’m sad to see Starbucks close up a shop because I know there were good people working there but that is the power of the market place – people will go where the good food and good coffee is served. For me, that is Raw Cuts Sandwich Shop on the north west corner of 10th ave and 6th Street. Give them a try.

Raw Cuts Sandwich Shop – Burnaby

This morning, rather than crossing the street to go to my usual big chain coffee shop I took a chance on an independent coffee/sandwich shop. It was a good choice.

The owner/operator of Raw Cuts Sandwich Shop welcomed me to the cafe and explained the breakfast menu, answered my questions about his business and prepared my ham and egg breakfast sandwich.

When I arrive early for school I sometimes pop into the big green mermaid coffee shop and will occasionally have the roasted egg and ham breakfast sandwich ($4.75) with a cup of coffee ($2).

At Raw Cuts the breakfast sandwich comes with a good quality cup of coffee. For $4 I got my breakfast sandwich AND a good cup of coffee! It was very good value and tasty.

My only complaint is that the breakfast sandwich at Raw Cuts was on a Wonderbread bun. Seriously, there is a small bakery just up the block and this restaurant would be well served by charging a little more for the sandwich and going up the block to get better quality bread.

Raw Cuts Sandwich Shop os located on the corner of 6th Street and 10th Ave – on the north-west corner of that intersection. It is a tough spot to stop if you are travelling by car but I will definitely be returning to Raw Cuts Sandwich Shop.

Coffee Choices

I am one of those people who simply loves Starbucks coffee. Being a coffee-purist, I enjoy my coffee hot and black.

At home we brew our coffee in a bodum, sometimes known as a French Press. This provides the most pure coffee flavour and also helps me limit my coffee to a mug and a half a morning.


Buy Me A Coffee?

You may notice that to the right of this post there is now a thingy that says, “Buy me a coffee?” with the donation amount set at $1.96.


What is this? The price of a tall dark coffee at my favourite shop. If you decide to click the button that says “Donate” a PayPal page will open up and you can donate whatever amount you want to donate.

I will be honest, it does cost me keep this blog up and operating. Not much, but it does cost me and it has cost me each month since I started.

So, if you feel so inclined, give me a click on the old Donate button and “buy me a coffee” to help me pay for the fun we are having here. If you like.


Cora for Breakfast Falls Flat

A friend from Steveston told me about his favourite breakfast restaurant, Cora. He loves the place so I thought, me being the lover of anything breakfast, I better give it a try.

Spinach Omelette
Spinach Omelette

I have to admit I was seriously under-whelmed. Seriously.

Yes, the service was great; fast and friendly and they have free wireless available for customers.

As soon as I sat down a young lady came by to take my order; a black coffee with a spinach omelette, hasbrowns and sourdough toast.

The coffee arrived almost right away. Well, it was scalding hot black stuff that smelled like coffee anyway. For $2.50 a cup I expect better.

The omelette arrived very quickly after that. And sadly, I was equally unimpressed. The plate was hot to the touch but the omelette itself was just barely warm and uninspired; flat like a pancake with no flavours that stood out.



The hash-browns were the best part of the meal; real potatoes cut into wedges and fried. Good enough.

Bottom-line, $12 for an omelette and $2.50 for mediocre coffee, I was very disappointed and I would not return to Cora.

Cora has locations in Richmond and Coquitlam.

Disclosure; I bought and paid for my meal with money that should have been used for groceries for my family. Cora provided me with no financial or other form of incentive to write this review. As always, in all my blog posts, I maintain editorial control.

A Day in Juneau Alaska

We are currently docked in Juneau, Alaska

Juneau, The Strip
Juneau, The Strip

although my body does not yet understand that it is not actually on a ship. The first shop I walked into I had to ask the woman at the cash if the building was still moving.

She replied that in fact as a public service they put their building on a rocker just to make cruise ship passengers feel more comfortable.

However, last night was our dinner date at the specialty restaurant, Murana aboard the Celebrity Century. Murano serves French food with Mediterranean influenced.

I have to say that after dining at the Murano, it was physically impossible for me to indulge in my late night snack. I feel my excuse is valid seeing as dinner was a five course meal beginning with a goat cheese souffle, a lobster bisque

Lobster Bisque
Lobster Bisque

and continuing to the main course of an 8 ounce serving of venison done medium rare, a cheese course and completing with a dual Grand Marnier and Dark Chocolate souffle.

Yes, when I awoke this morning I was still feeling the effects of the souffles.


Ahh yes, you did notice! Yes there are photos in this post and I have added a few more in my previous post. That is because I am on land, in B’s Bakery and Bistro

B's Bakery and Bistro
B’s Bakery and Bistro

enjoying FREE wireless Internet and an excellent cup of coffee; HELLO French Press coffee.

Life continues to be wonderful. Tonight is the second formal night for dinner so I will once again be slipping into my pin stripes and acting like a civilized gentleman for our Japanese ladies.

More later.

Starbucks Special Morning Offer

A sort of public service announcement today for my coffee loving friends; Starbucks is offering a Grande cup of coffee for the price of a Tall cup of coffee from now until September 5th. This offer only applies if you are in the store before 11am. After that, it is full price.

And for the record, this is NOT a paid advertisement of any sort.

Happy Canada Day; Will it be Starbucks or Tim Hortons Today?

Happy Canada to all! And on this Canada, what most are probably going to see as a most unpatriotic post; which do you prefer, Starbucks coffee or Tim Hortons?

For me, if I have a choice, it is Starbucks over Tim Hortons every time. The coffee is always brewed perfectly and the taste is always perfect. Bold flavours that soothe the sleepy palate to awareness in every cup. Starbucks coffee is best served and consumed black, without the pollution of cream, or worse, milk, or sugar.

Tim Hortons coffee tastes so awful on its own that if I have no choice and I have to have a Timmies, I have to add double cream and double sugar. The classic Canadian double-double. That is the only way that it is consumable.

And if you add in the independent coffee seller? Yuck. Scalding hot black stuff that smells faintly like coffee. Awful. And they all think they can sell their swill at Starbucks prices.

Starbucks is the best thing to happen to coffee in a very long time.