Coffee Choices

I am one of those people who simply loves Starbucks coffee. Being a coffee-purist, I enjoy my coffee hot and black.

At home we brew our coffee in a bodum, sometimes known as a French Press. This provides the most pure coffee flavour and also helps me limit my coffee to a mug and a half a morning.


National Mint Julep Day

Did you know that today is National Mint Julep Day? Every year on May 30th people around the world stop what they are doing and sip a mint julep. Huh. Who knew.

Traditionally a mint julep is made with mint leaf, bourbon, sugar and water. Obviously with the addition of sugar, the mint julep is a sweet drink and could beĀ used as a vehicle to get medicine into the more reluctant patient.

And one more fun fact, every year there are 120,000 mint juleps served at Churchill Downs over the two day period of the Kentucky Oaks and Kentucky Derby.