Planting Asparagus 

It was a warm and sunny morning so my immediate impulse was to get outside and do some gardening.  

Yesterday I was at Gardenworks over in Burnaby and I picked up a bag of asparagus roots. Today I prepped the garden bed and planted the asparagus roots. 

Funny thing, in order to fully understand how to plant the asparagus I first went to YouTube to see how it is done. 

Now we wait a year to see if enough grow to feed me and my family.


Front Yard Blueberries

It is looking like our front yard blueberries will be very productive this year. I love growing blueberries not so much because we can collect them and put them in jars or make jams or pies or anything like that, I like them because we just stand in the front yard talking and eating right there from the blueberry bush.

Of course we do collect up enough to freeze so that we can enjoy them during the winter months.

Blueberries, easy to grow, easy to pick, easy to eat. Blueberries just do it.