My Crushed Leather Company Carry – Follow Up

As I said I would, I have now filmed a follow-up video review of the Crushed Leather Company Carry.

In this video I describe how during the making of this bag they could taper the nylon webbing that is used inside the shoulder strap and continues around the body of the bag.

After doing some research into the use of nylon webbing I have since learned that it is not possible to cut webbing without losing the desired structural integrity that the webbing provides. So, my suggestion in the video really doesn’t work.

Disclosure: The folks at the Crushed Leather Company sent this bag to me with the request that I return it to them once I have completed my review and I will be honouring that request. There was no financial or other form of compensation paid to me for this review and as always, editorial control of my blog remains with me. 

Bexar Goods Porter Satchel Follow Up Video

After looking back at the video review of the Bexar Goods Porter Satchel that I recently completed, I realized that I had not talked about how much the bag will hold. So I filmed a follow up review to discuss that. Here it is – 

Bexar Goods Porter Satchel

I was away at the family cottage for a few days so I filmed a video review of the leather bag that has become my everyday carry – my Bexar Goods Porter Satchel. Have a look –

Marlondo Leather Weekend Duffel Bag

Now that I am back to work at my day job and getting paid, I felt safe about adding a new leather bag to my collection for the family weekends-away that we occasionally enjoy.

Marlondo Leather Weekended Duffel
Marlondo Leather Weekended Duffel

I have grown tired of seeing plastic bins loaded in the family wagon when we travel so I decided to get a new Marlondo Leather Weekend Duffel Bag.

As usual, I will be upfront about my overall impressions of this product and say that although I have a couple suggestions for improvement, this is an excellent quality bag, especially for the price of $400.

This new Marlondo Leather bag is a very versatile bag. As soon as my five year old daughters saw the bag they opened it up and climbed inside it. Although with 45 pounds of child inside it was difficult for me to carry, the straps felt strong enough to hold the weight.

Once my daughter was out of it I loaded it up with clothes and – this thing is voluminous. I mean I can fit a ton of clothing into it! This is definitely a very practical bag for a long weekend away with the family.

The leather and the pigs skin lining have a lovely feel. The leather is thick and waxy and provides me with the confidence my investment in this bag will be a long term one.

End View
End View

I like the feeling of the pig skin lining as well. It has no plastic or synthetic feel to it all. It feels organic.

All the stitching is very nicely done with top quality nylon thread. The evenly placed stitches and rivets at all stress points add to the feeling of quality that this new bag carries with it. The seams are all stitched with straight lines where appropriate and where the stitching follows the contours of the bag it does so perfectly. Impressive.

Top View
Top View

One of the leather bag companies that many smaller leather workers look up to is Saddleback Leather. A key piece of the Saddleback Leather philosophy is that they make bags, as much as possible, by using one piece of leather. The idea being that a single hide is significantly stronger than having a seam along a potential stress point.

The fact is though, this is a very expensive way to make leather bags. It takes a larger portion of a hide to cut single out large single pieces.

To avoid that increased production cost, Marlondo Leather does not use the single piece of leather production method. As you can see in the photo below, there is clearly a seam running the length of the duffle bag.

Bottom View
Bottom View

I sincerely doubt that the seam along the bottom of this bag will ever let go or weaken in anyway. That there is a seam on the bottom of the bag is a non-issue for me. The fact is, the Marlondo bag is significantly less expensive than the Saddleback bags primarily because of simple cost saving measures like this one.

Wrinkled Leather
Wrinkled Leather

If Marlondo Leather is trying to take on Saddleback Leather as a top quality leather bag maker, he will need to be a little more judicious in the leather he chooses to use. As you can see in the photo above, there are a significant number of wrinkles on the leather that this bag is made from. That is because this is a piece of leather from further down the hide – closer to the cow’s belly or leg where stretches and wrinkles will naturally occur.

To be clear, these wrinkles are not going to have an impact on the life span of the leather bag but I know that when people buy a bag like this one they expect closer to perfection than this piece of leather.

The wrinkles do not bother me in the least, but I know that others would not be as accepting of this piece of leather. What I do is mentally compare the price of this bag to the Saddleback Leather bags.

To the bottom line – this is an excellent quality item that could use more attention to detail. I love the feel of the leather and I have every confidence that it will last me as long as I want to use it. The nylon stitching is as near perfect as anyone would expect and the hardware, including all the d-rings and the dog-leash style clasps on the shoulder strap are very substantial.

I like this bag. I really like it. I also like the comments I get when I carry it around town. People gravitate to it, like they do to many of the leather bags I carry, and they want to know more about it.

After I actually load my new Marlondo Leather Weekend Duffel bag with clothing and gear and head out of town to the mountains I will do a follow up report. For now, I am just going to enjoy looking at this beautiful new addition to my leather bag collection.




Video Review of Marlondo Leather Bag

I recently received my newest leather bag, a 15″ unlined Marlondo Leather Postal Leather Messenger bag. Here is my video review of the bag;

If you are looking very closely there is a little Seinfeld-like surprise over my shoulder. Granted, it is very difficult to see.

Bexar Goods Vagabond Backpack Video Review Pt One

I very recently bought a Bexar Goods Vagabond backpack and decided to run the backpack through its paces by taking it on an excursion to the last true frontier in the USA, Alaska.

Here is my video review of the Bexar Goods Vagabond just before I slipped it on my back and began to ascend the Marjorie Glacier in Alaska.

Baytowne Leather Wallets and a GIVEAWAY!!

Here is a video of my latest Baytowne Leather wallet/credit card holder.

Seeing as Roge of Baytowne Leather provided this little credit card holder/wallet (the first wallet I presented in the above video) to me as a gift, I feel it is only appropriate that I continue that giving.

If you are interested in being the new owner of the Baytowne Leather credit card holder/wallet, post a comment with a number between one (1) and five hundred (500).

On Sunday, June 2nd 2013 at 6pm (PST) I will fire up the random number generator app on my iPad to find the winning entry. The person with the number closest to the winning number will be declared the winner. (The winning number can be higher or lower than the number the random number generator app provides, it simply will be the closest number).

For this giveaway, I ask that the winner pay the cost of shipping from my city to their home by buying me however numbers of cups of coffee we find it costs to ship the credit card holder.

One last note, in the video I say that I paid $30 for the small two rivet wallet. I see on the Baytowne Leather Etsy page that the actual cost is $41.30. It might be that I told my Sweetheart it was $30 just to keep peace in the family. The true cost is $41.30.

Bay Towne Leather’s Credit Card Case – And a Giveaway!!

Once again I have acted upon my passion for quality leather; this time I bought a credit card case from my friend Roge at Bay Towne Leather.

Bay Towne Leather Credit Card Case
Bay Towne Leather Credit Card Case

The credit card case (pictured to the right) that Roge created for me is an excellent piece. Made of 5oz Premium Oak veg tan cow hide, it can hold eight credit cards (or driver’s license and other cards).

I particularly like the closure system – Swiss Army button studs. They slip into the little slots on the lid-flap hold the case closed very securely.

The outside of the case is dyed the deep reddish brown known as Cordovan while the inside is natural, uncoloured leather. This is a beauty of a little wallet/credit card case.

Credit Card Case
Credit Card Case

My “problem” is that I carry too many cards. What with credit cards, debit cards, loyalty cards, Tim cards and health cards, I have too many cards to comfortably fit inside this sweet little piece of leather.

When I told Roge at Bay Towne about my “problem” he offered to make me a new one at his cost. I said no way, seeing as I chose the wallet even after reading the dimensions and knowing how many cards I carry. Instead of having him foot the bill for my mess-up, I have asked Roge to make me a larger credit card case/wallet from his collection. He is in the process of making me a larger version of the “The Little Wallet That Can.”

So what should I do with my Bay Towne Leather credit card case? I paid $33.75 for it and I would feel awful just leaving this beauty of a little credit card case sitting in a drawer in my shave-cave, so… with Roge’s blessing, I have decided to give it away.

How can you win this little giveaway gem? All you have to do is make a comment on this blog post; in your comment include a number between one (1) and 488 and a link to the one item from Roge’s Etsy page that you would like to purchase or an item that catches your eye.

On Monday, May 20th, 2013 at 6pm PST I will use my Random Number Generator App to choose the winning number. If there is no exact match, the next nearest number will be the winner. As well as choosing your lucky number, be sure to cut and paste a link to your favourite item on Roge’s page into your comment to be eligible to win.

Hartman Leather Briefcases on Granville Island

After a few weeks of thinking about it and planning to do it, I actually did it; I visited Hartman Leather on Granville Island in the heart of Vancouver and checked out the collection of leather briefcases he offers.

I shot a few minutes of video inside the shop just to get a feel for the kind of shop and artisan work that Dave Hartman does rather than focusing on any one of his leather briefcases, bags or the belts he has in the shop. I will happily say that each and every bag or briefcase in his shop is extraordinarily magnificent. Like, WOW, this stuff is unbelievable and priced where even I could afford it.

The one briefcase that I did not spend enough time with was the tan briefcase that Dave Hartman has created. In the video I added a text box when I panned across the tan case; the text box says that the case reminds me of the Bexar Goods Porter Satchel (itself an incredible bag). Hartman’s tan briefcase is so simple and classy looking…I WANT one so badly!!

Anyway, here is a short tour around his shop and a look at some of the products he has created.