Bond & Knight Origami-Style Wallets

Some time ago the folks at Bond & Knight, independent British leather designers specialising in handmade, bespoke leathergoods sent me a couple beautiful leather wallets to have a look at.

I really liked the quality of the leather and the very unique craftsmanship that went into creating these wallets so I did a video review to share with you my observations about these wallets.

I will be arranging a giveaway of these Bond & Knight wallets in the coming days so stay tuned or even better, click on that little “Follow” thingy that pops up in the lower right-hand corner of the screen so that you can get an email from me with any new blog posts that I write.

Disclosure: Bond & Knight provided NO financial incentive or other reward for this blog post and as always, editorial control remains with me.

Marlondo Leather Bi-Fold Wallet Giveaway

As I have often said, I have a fetish for leather briefcases, satchels, messenger bags and wallets. The bags are typically too expensive to purchase too many of them too frequently.¬†Fortunately, wallets are not too expensive, usually…

Marlondo Vs ML Leather Wallets
Marlondo Vs ML Leather Wallets

It just so happens I also love leather wallets. My current everyday carry is my ML Leather Fisherman’s wallet (on the right hand side in this photo).

My second favourite is my Whipping Post bi-fold. So that begs the question, why do I need two more Marlondo Leather wallets?

Marlondo Bi-Fold
Marlondo Bi-Fold


I suppose I don’t.

So I am giving away the Marlondo Leather bi-fold pictured to the left. The wallet on top of the Marlondo Leather bi-fold is my ML Leather Fisherman’s wallet wallet. (I’m not letting go of my ML Leather Fisherman’s Wallet!)

To win this Marlondo Leather bi-fold wallet giveaway, simply guess a number between one (1) and one thousand (1000) and enter that number in a comment on this blog post. I will use a random number generator to find the winning number.

The rules:

One guess per person please.

In order for me to contact you, enter your email address (your email address will NEVER be made public and I will NOT send you any spam or any email other than to let you know you are the winner in this specific contest).

I will generate and publicize the winning number at 9pm (PST) tomorrow, April 29th 2013.

Have fun and may the odds be ever in your favor.