Lunch; Steak and Potatoes

Good old lunch of steak and potatoes with a little sautéed broccolini to make it even more healthy.

Steak and potatoes

The potatoes are fingerlings. Steamed. Best eaten dipped in a creamy dip. The broccolini is cooked by adding it to a large pan that is already hot. Let it cook until it gets dark green and then remove from heat. It is best served right out of the sauté pan – spooned up on to the plate.

To prepare the bacon wrapped steak we put it in a pan under the broiler for five minutes. Pull it out, flip it over, another five minutes and then remove from the oven. Let it rest for a few minutes. Then eat. That’s it.

Steak and potatoes.


Meatballs and Rice Noodles

A beautiful lunch today from the school cafeteria; a trio of sweet and spicy meatballs on a nest of rice noodles. 

The side dish of spiralized carrots added a nice little freshness to the lunch plate. 

Lunch at New West’s Rivermarket

Last week I was in New Westminster so I took the opportunity to stop at the Rivermarket (formerly the New West Quay) for lunch.

Free Bird Chicken Shack
Free Bird Chicken Shack

To begin I had the Free Bird Chicken Shack Banh Mi – a Vietnamese sub sandwich. An awesome combination of pickled veggies, fresh cilantro, and that succulent roast chicken all inside the bread.

Longtail Chicken Wings
Longtail Chicken Wings

I added a side of chicken wings from Longtail Kitchen – again, a wonderful eat-treat. A perfect combination of salty and sweet with that ultra-crispy coating over the moist chicken meat.

Another great lunch at the Rivermarket.

Sushi Koharu

I was in New West and I had a strong craving for sushi and I wanted to try something new rather than just go to my usual sushi places.

And that’s how I ended up discovering the cute little Japanese owned and operated Sushi Koharu.

The interior is decorated in a cute style. The single other person inside the restaurant upon my arrival was the woman behind the counter who came out to greet me. Seeing no other customers in a sushi place always makes me nervous, but I went ahead anyway.

I chatted with the Japanese woman working behind the counter and as it turns out, she has owned and operated Sushi Koharu for the last five years basically on her own.

I asked what lunch option she recommended and she told me the tuna was “very fresh, very good quality”.

I trusted her and asked for a tuna and salmon sashimi donburi.

I have to admit, when the bowl arrived I felt a little uncomfortable. The tuna was cut in what can only be described as a “messy” style.

Once I tasted it though, it was definitely fresh and full of the buttery goodness of tuna.

We continued to chat about her restaurant business and her favourite dishes to prepare. She told me that it was the Omakase menu is her favourite.

She said if the customer trusts her, she can make a beautiful tasting menu for them for either $16 or $25. Next time I’m in Sushi Koharu that may be what I try.

For now, I will give Sushi Koharu my recommendation and I will report back after my next visit.

Sushi Koharu is located at 712 12th Street in New Westminster.

Mega Sushi Lunch Break 

I managed to get away to Mega Sushi in Coquitlam’s Austin Station for a late lunch today. 

I chose to keep it simple by ordering a salmon and tuna sashimi combo. 

Nicely cut sashimi. The tuna was buttery and tender. The salmon was also nice. 

Mega Sushi is located in the Austin Station located at the corner of Austin Ave and Mariner Way. 

Austin Heights is the same retail complex where Thrifty Foods was located until their lease expired. Interesting to see that Save-on-Foods is now moving into the retail space vacated by the very popular Thrifty Foods. 

Anyway, lunch was good. 

Gem Sushi For Lunch

A super quick lunch today at Gem Sushi in Coquitlam’s Como Lake Village shopping strip. 

I had the yam roll with a California roll and one of the tiny tuna rolls. It was okay. Not bad, not great.  

Foodie Express Lunch 

Quick lunch today between learning sessions. 

I chose the noodles with three lunch options. You know, all things considered, this was a pretty good meal for $10. 

Foodie Express is located in the Royal Plaza (right near the Starbucks) on the corner of McBride Ave and 8th Street in New Westminster. 

Whole Foods Pizza for Lunch

I stopped in at Whole Foods at Solo (across from Brentwood Mall) and I had a couple of slices of their pizza for lunch today.

Whole Foods
Whole Foods Pizza

Both of the slices were on very thin crust that I found to be quite pleasing. While the prosciutto and arugula pizza looked delicious, it was really impractical. The prosciutto was difficult to bite through so when I  bit the pizza, the entire piece of prosciutto came off in one big piece.

whole foods
Whole Foods Pizza

On the other hand, the brussel sprouts and bacon pizza was fabulous.

Two slices for $7. A good lunch value at Whole Foods today.