My Thug Kitchen Inspired One Pot Spaghetti 

My turn to make dinner tonight so where do I turn for inspiration? To my Thug Kitchen 101 cookbook, of course. 

Thug Kitchen 101
One Pot Spaghetti

I love the flavours from their Skillet Beer Chili Mac – a one pot mac and cheese with beer and black beans recipe so I used that as a starting point for dinner this evening.

I put a Dutch oven with some grapeseed oil on a hot element and then added three finely diced onions to the pot. I let them sauté until they had softened up and then added some slices of yellow and red peppers to the pot. Once they were cooked down a bit I added in the spices; smoked paprika, chilli powder, and a little curry powder.

I let that heat up so the flavours of the spices could bloom and then I added three cups of veggie stock and a jar of tomato sauce. A little time to heat that up and then I put in the spaghetti. Brought it to a boil, reduced the heat so the spaghetti could cook, and left it cooking for about ten minutes.

Once the spaghetti noodles were cooked to al dente I removed the pot from the heat and folded in a quarter cup of nutritional yeast to give the pasta a cheese, nutty flavour.

And then just before serving the pasta I added a can of black beans to the pot of pasta. Of course before using the black beans I dumped them into a strainer and thoroughly rinsed them.

The good news? In less than half an hour I had dinner on the table and the one pot spaghetti was delicious, the kids enjoyed it, and I only had one pot to clean after dinner. Another winner inspired by the Thug Kitchen 101 cookbook.

Another One Pot Wonder

Tonight I got home later than usual, the kids were wild with hunger and there was nothing healthy to eat in the fridge. So, time for my one pot wonder quick meal.    
This was so easy! 

I cut up two small onions and dropped them into my Dutch oven pot and let them get that shiny, translucent look. 

Then I crushed a cube of vegetable stock-stuff into a mug, added about two cups of water and mixed that up pretty vigorously before dumping it in the pot with the onions. 

Next I dumped in a 24 ounce can of spaghetti sauce and then added about 3/4s of a 375 gram box of spaghetti – I figure it was about 10 ounces of spaghetti. 

Within a minute or two the spaghetti softened up so that I could fold it into the sauce. 

I let the spaghetti and sauce cook for about 12 minutes and then added about two cups of frozen peas. Why peas? Because that was what was in the freezer! 

I also cut up a frozen veggie patty and let that that warm up by sitting on top of the spaghetti. 

By the time I had my kids seated at  the table the veggie patty was warm right through. 

This was a real one pot wonder success!!

My One Pot Wonder Pasta Dinner 

It was my night to make dinner and while I love cooking, I hate all the kitchen mess that is left after cooking. 

So what is better than a one pot wonder pasta dinner!   
One pot! I used our Paderno Dutch oven for the entire meal. I began by adding a couple tablespoons of EVOO to the pot, got it hot and then added a diced up half an onion. 

I cooked the onion until it was translucent and then added the sliced yellow pepper to the pot. 


I let the  yellow peppers get softened up from the heat before adding two cups of veggie stock, one cup of 2% milk and a couple dollops of butter. 


Once the pot of liquid reached a boil I added just over half of a 375 gram box of spaghetti noodles. 

I reduced the heat to a medium low to keep the pot simmering so that the noodles softened up and cooked into the sauce. 


It was awesome to see them melting into the liquid in the pot!  


I let them noodles cook until they had absorbed nearly all the liquid in the pot. 

Then I added a little pile (1/2 cup) of feta cheese – why feta? because that’s what I had in the fridge! 


Honestly, this was a great tasting pasta! Thr rich and creamy sauce was cooked right into and onto the noodles making every bite a taste sensation. 


The best part? Other than the fact that I only had one pot, my knife, tongs, and a cutting board to clean up? 

The kidlets loved the pasta! That’s the real win! A one pot wonder.