Noodle Soup with Soft Poached Egg

Today’s high school cafeteria lunch was a bowl of noodles in a sweet and savoury broth. The spiralized carrots and radish added a nice little crunch to the soup while the steamed spinach created a little bed for the beautiful soft poached egg. 

While the soup was delicious, it didn’t fill me up completely so I wandered over to Raw Cuts Sandwich shop for a sandwich. 

They made a bang up good job on their classic sandwich filled with turkey breast. Half of that sandwich was more than enough to fill me up! 

That was lunch. 

Chachi’s Sandwich Shop

I was in Metrotown for a very late lunch this afternoon and I decided to try out a sandwich place I recently heard about – Chachi’s in the Metrotown foodcourt.

Chachi's Philly Cheesesteak
Chachi’s Philly Cheesesteak

The sandwich was good. Just good. Nice flavour with hints of jalapeno and tender enough meat. Yep, it was a good sandwich.

But for $11, I expected more. More meat, more cheese, more peppers…just MORE. The fact that the pickle that I added to my sandwich for an extra $1.5 was almost the same size as the $11 sandwich, well, I am not sure I would go back.

  • Chachi’s is located in the Metrotown Foodcourt.

Siegel’s Bagels and Lucky’s Doughnuts

Near the end of the summer we went to see a matinee performance of The Merry Wives of Windsor at Bard on the Beach. Luckily we arrived for the show earlier than necessary so we wandered back up to Siegel’s Bagels on the corner of Cornwall and Cypress to grab a bite of lunch.

Montreal Smoked Meat Sandwich
Montreal Smoked Meat Sandwich

Although I didn’t specify, the cashier at Siegel’s Bagels was wise enough to ring in a “regular” size sandwich rather than the large. Good move. The regular size was more than enough bagel and smoked meat.

When you order a sandwich from Siegel’s you get to choose the type of bagel – I got my smoked meat on a Rosemary and Rock salt bagel. Delicious.

Lucky's Doughnuts
Lucky’s Doughnuts

After the play we decided to head up to Lucky’s Doughnuts on 4th Ave for a coffee and doughnuts. Although the doughnuts were expensive ($2.75 for an old fashioned sour cream glazed doughnut) they were very enjoyable.

The other doughnut had a coconut cream filling and was very light texture and very tasty. Quite a treat.

A good smoked meat sandwich, a great doughnut treat, and a good performance at Bard on the Beach; the Merry Wives of Windsor was a perfectly light, happy, and good way to end off the summer.

  • Siegel’s Bagels is located at 1883Cornwall Ave in Vancouver.
  • The Kits location of Lucky’s Doughnuts is at 2198 4th Ave.

Poutine and Banh Mi at The Rivermarket

I was in New Westminster yesterday and jumped at the opportunity to go see what the New West waterfront/Front Street looks like now that the multi-level parkade has been taken down from Begbie Street over to 6th. My first impression is WOW. So much sunshine can now pour onto Front Street.

Of course I also had to eat while I was near the foodie’s paradise we call the Rivermarket.

Banh mi and Poutine
Banh mi and Poutine

I chose two places in the market to grab snacks – first place was Freebird; a joint that does flavourful free-range, hormone-free rotisserie roasted chicken. To perfection.

I had the Banh mi – a Vietnamese style sub sandwich. The sandwich – inside the sandwich – spectacular. Loaded with roasted chicken, crisp cucumber slices, a sprig of cilantro, paper thin carrots and just enough lightly pickled jicama to add a snap to the taste buds. Lovely.

My only complaint was that the bread was not as crisp on the outside as a traditional french baguette. A minor complaint.

Bacon Poutine
Bacon Poutine

The other place I stopped to visit while in the Rivermarket was the classic burger joint, Wally’s Burgers.

Of course since I was having a sub sandwich from Freebird I didn’t need a burger so I ordered a bacon poutine. Oh my.

Ultra crisp strips of smoky bacon lay on top of the cheese curds which hid the very crispy and wonderful fries. There was enough gravy on the poutine to keep them moving but not a slopping mess.

Two wonderful eats on my quick walk through New West’s Rivermarket.

Dunn’s Famous – the Revisit

A few weeks ago I was downtown Vancouver and I visited Dunn’s Famous, a restaurant known for serving smoked meat sandwiches. 

Through some poor choices on my part, I was not overwhelmed by my first experience at Dunn’s Famous so I promised myself I would return and try more of the menu items. Yesterday was the day.

Dunn's Famous
Deep Fried Pickles

We started with a $5 order of fried pickles. Dill pickles, battered and deep fried. I’ve had deep fried pickles before and been quite pleased with them, but these…awesome. Small pickles cut into wedges before being battered and fried. Love them.

Dunn's Famous
Dunn’s Egg Rolls

We also had an order of Dunn’s Egg Rolls for $6. There are three egg rolls per order; someone snuck one out of the dish before the camera could eat.

Filled with chopped smoked meat, their signature coleslaw (which was very much to our parties liking!), a little ginger and cilantro, the egg rolls were a hit with our party. Big enough to be a good starter item on their own, I would definitely order the egg rolls again.

Dunn's Famous
Dunn’s Poutine

In the name of journalistic integrity, I felt compelled to also order a poutine. The Dunn’s Poutine for $13 comes with barbecue gravy and chopped smoked meat. And of course, cheese curds.

The kitchen staff at Dunn’s Famous are not shy about adding the chopped smoked meat to the poutine. I really enjoyed the poutine but not everyone in our group thought the gravy was as good as I did. I would definitely order it again.

Dunn's Famous
Reuben Sandwich

For mains, I had what the menu says is “The Best Reuben in the City”. I added a $3 side of onion rings – for your benefit. So was it the best Reuben in the City?

Dunn's Famous
The Best Reuben in the City

Well, it is definitely the best Reuben I have ever had in this city. The only other one I had that was remotely close to the goodness of this one was from the Butcher and Bollocks, another downtown location. I have heard that there is a good one at the Nosherie – there’s another good reason for me to go back downtown.

The Reuben is a triple-decker sandwich on very dark rye bread with great tasting sauerkraut, swiss cheese and a healthy drizzle of Thousand Island dressing.

Oooey-gooey goodness. Loved it. And I took half of it home.

Dunn's Famous
Dunn’s Double Down

One of my lunch dates chooses to eat gluten free so the $14 Dunn’s Double Down was a perfect choice. A similar stack of smoked meat, sauerkraut and Swiss cheese sandwiched between two potato latkes.

Although my picture does not do it justice, this was another lunch hit. And we really loved the coleslaw.

Dunn's Famous
Roast Beef Sandwich

My other lunch mate had the Coffee Brined Roast Beef sandwich which comes on a ciabatta. There is also lettuce, tomato, and cheddar cheese with horse radish aioli. Honestly, the roast beef in the sandwich was (dare I say it?) better than the roast beef my mom makes. Full of coffee flavour and ultra tender.

So the bottom line? Dunn’s Famous is awesome. Basically everything we ordered was great to awesome. I will definitely return to Dunn’s Famous and have no hesitation in recommending them.

Dunn’s Famous is located at 827 Seymour Street in Vancouver.



Raw Cuts Sandwich Shop

What do you do when you forget your homemade lunch on your desk at home?
If you’re near 10th Ave. and 6th street on the Burnaby New West border, you go to Raw Cuts Sandwich Shop.
And if you are really hungry, ask for the “Chinawich” from their menu. 

It is awesome. And it comes wrapped in waxed paper, just like the homemade sandwiches I gad when I was a kid. 

Dunn’s Famous Smoked Meats

Today I was on another of my forays into downtown Vancouver and I took the opportunity to hike up Seymour Street to visit a place I have long been interested in – Dunn’s Famous.

According to their website, Dunn’s has been serving smoked meat sandwiches since 1927. I have to say, they are damned good at making a smoked meat sandwich!

Dunn's Famous
Smoked Meat Sandwich

Any of my complaints are a direct result of my choices – definitely not the responsibility of Dunn’s.

I wanted to try their smoked meat sandwich AND their poutine. So, I chose a smoked sandwich with 4 ounces of their “medium”  cut of smoked meat.

I could have ordered a 6 or even an 8 ounce serving of smoked meat, in fact when I return I will order an 8 ounce serving.

The “medium” part of my order is part of their menu – you can choose

  • Lean which equals healthy
  • Medium for juicy
  • Fat for very juicy

To get maximum flavour without it being too fatty, I chose medium. I chose the cut wisely. It was juicy enough to please me but not too fatty or dripping. It was awesome. Just not enough of it – my fault.

Dunn's Famous

To try their poutine I had an “add-on” poutine for $4. It was good. (I still think that Spud Shack makes the BEST poutine). Dunn’s makes the gravy in house from roasted beef bones and they use their barbecue spice mix to give it a kick. Again, when I return I will have a full order of Dunn’s Famous poutine with chopped smoked meat to improve that experience.

Dunn's Famous
Dunn’s Famous

Bottom line, I will return to Dunn’s to try more of the menu. Dunn’s Famous is located at 827 Seymour Street in Vancouver.

Meat and Bread on Pender Street

Knowing how much I enjoy the corned beef sandwiches served at Big Star Sandwich in New Westminster, yesterday my colleague convinced me to try a corned beef sandwich from Meat and Bread on Pender in Vancouver. 

In short, it was an excellent lunch experience. Even though it gets very busy during the lunch “hour” they have such a slick operation that people are able to place their orders and get their sandwich without too much of a wait. 

Of course I had a corned beef sandwich. The bread was perfect. Crisp enough to offer resistance to the mouth and yet soft and pliable inside. 

The corned beef filling was also excellent. Salty enough to please the palate and yet not overwhelmingly so. The diced pickles and Dijon mustard were a perfect addition to the corned beef. 

I will return to Meat and Bread at 1033 West Pender in Vancouver and I have no hesitation in recommending them. 

A Burnaby Starbucks Closes

It is not often that you see an independent coffee shop stay open and the Starbucks across the street from it close up shop. However, that is exactly what happened on the corner of 10th Ave and 6th St along the Burnaby, New West border.

Starbucks Closes Up

The Starbucks has closed and the independent coffee/sandwich shop is still open. I do not hide the fact that I really enjoy a cup of Starbucks coffee but I stopped enjoying their pastries and sandwiches when they started bringing them in from from somewhere in Washington state.

The local coffee shop, Raw Cuts Sandwich Shop has good quality coffee and excellent sandwiches that are made of site by a really nice couple. Sure they could use better quality bread but I’m not going to complain. Where else can I get a great tasting, freshly prepared egg, cheese, and ham sandwich with a coffee for $4.50?

I’m sad to see Starbucks close up a shop because I know there were good people working there but that is the power of the market place – people will go where the good food and good coffee is served. For me, that is Raw Cuts Sandwich Shop on the north west corner of 10th ave and 6th Street. Give them a try.