Puzzling Situation at Starbucks

Last weekend, as we frequently do, my daughters and I met a good friend of mine at our local Starbucks for coffee and hot chocolate.

At the Starbucks there is an entrance to where the lineup forms and then a “path” to exit after you have ordered your food or drink.

It is all very orderly. Usually.

Until someone enters the “exit” path and unknowingly proceeds to the front of the lineup, and inadvertently bypasses all the people who have taken the time to line up and wait for their turn.

And that is exactly what happened to my buddy and I. We were standing at the front of the lineup and a young woman walked in the exit line and stood in front of us waiting to place her order.

I politely told her that the lineup formed behind us. Although I told her about the line-up for somewhat self-serving reasons, it was also out of respect for all the people who were in the lineup behind me.

Now here is the puzzling piece. She turned to me and my buddy and said “oh gee, what would I do without two big men to tell me, such a dumb little girl, how to do things.”

I had no idea how to respond. So I went to my default reaction and laughed awkwardly and then pretended it didn’t happen. She left the front of the line and went to the back of the line so I didn’t have to say anything more to her but, what a weird awkward situation.

The reality is that I would’ve told anybody who tried to bypass the lineup that they were entering from the wrong spot. It wasn’t because she was a young woman it was because she was inadvertently bypassing all the people in the lineup.

Was I wrong? Should I have just left the situation alone and not said anything to her?

Starbucks Caramelized Honey Latte

I received an email letting me know that the Wizards in the Starbucks lab had created a new drink – caramelized honey latte – and that I should try it. In fact if I did try it, they would give me three bonus stars on my Starbucks card. Who can resist bonus stars? So I tried it  

Actually, I tried it twice. The first time I didn’t like it at all. However, when I finished the drink I realized why – all the caramelized honey goo was still on the bottom of the cup! 

Second try I made a point of thoroughly stirring the latte so the honey mixture on the bottom of the cup got mixed into the drink. 

Much better. Especially if you like incredibly sweet latte drinks. 

Something I found odd though – the foam on the top of the latte was industrial strength. Even after rigorously stirring the latte the foam didn’t break down. 

The tall size caramelized honey cost about $5. To be honest, I won’t have one again. It was nice but too sweet and rich and at $5 for a drink – I’ll save my money for when I’m at my local craft brewery. 

A Burnaby Starbucks Closes

It is not often that you see an independent coffee shop stay open and the Starbucks across the street from it close up shop. However, that is exactly what happened on the corner of 10th Ave and 6th St along the Burnaby, New West border.

Starbucks Closes Up

The Starbucks has closed and the independent coffee/sandwich shop is still open. I do not hide the fact that I really enjoy a cup of Starbucks coffee but I stopped enjoying their pastries and sandwiches when they started bringing them in from from somewhere in Washington state.

The local coffee shop, Raw Cuts Sandwich Shop has good quality coffee and excellent sandwiches that are made of site by a really nice couple. Sure they could use better quality bread but I’m not going to complain. Where else can I get a great tasting, freshly prepared egg, cheese, and ham sandwich with a coffee for $4.50?

I’m sad to see Starbucks close up a shop because I know there were good people working there but that is the power of the market place – people will go where the good food and good coffee is served. For me, that is Raw Cuts Sandwich Shop on the north west corner of 10th ave and 6th Street. Give them a try.

Day Two of the HST in BC

The day after the Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) took effect here in BC and my observations are that a tall coffee at Starbucks now costs me a $1.96. After I got my Starbucks I stopped in to visit my friendly neighbourhood barber; I stop by Brad the Barber’s to catch up on the local gossip and for “man conversation” about trucks and tractors and how the NDP screwed up the province so badly in the 1990s (massive yawn, seeing as I have heard this diatribe every time I visit).

I asked Brad the Barber how the HST was going to impact their business. He said no problem, a haircut will now cost an even $20, up from $17. So let’s see, if my high school math skills are correct, three over seventeen times a hundred, why that comes to 17.64%.

If you assume that Brad the Barber’s $17 haircut included the GST, that means that they have built in a pretty handsome increase in revenue for themselves. You gotta wonder how many other businesses are doing the same thing.