Port Moody’s Sushi & Roll

Sushi & Roll

We needed a quick snack to tide us over until we got home for dinner so we stopped at Sushi & Roll.

Yep. A sushi joint sandwiched between a hookah shop and a McDonald’s and right across the road from a motorcycle and boat sales shop on the non-descript strip of St Johns between Moody and Thermal.

Sushi & Roll

Decent food. The rolled sushi was tight and smoothly cut while the nigiri sushi had an attractive flair to the presentation but …. the rice had a bit of a crunch to it and you know that feeling when you bite into sushi and when you pull it away from your teeth all that stringy stuff holds on? Yeah.

Sushi & Roll

And even though there was only one other table with people, the server didn’t once offer to refill my tea or check in to see if we needed anything like napkins and chopsticks.

Overall, I rate Sushi & Roll a 3/5. The food was decent enough quality with friendly enough service that I would return to try them again.

  • Two California Rolls and a Salmon-Tuna Combo all for just under $20.
  • I’m not going to recommend yet but I will be returning to try them again.
  • Sushi & Roll is located at 3017 St Johns Street, Port Moody.



Sushi Town – Hastings Street

I was in North Burnaby yesterday around lunch time so I decided to try out the Hastings Street location of Sushi Town.

Sushi Town
BC Combo

I ordered the BC Combo – a BC Roll with an Alaska Roll and a piece of salmon and tuna sushi.

It was all good. The salmon and tuna nigiri sushi were my favourites; a tidy ball of rice under the nicely portioned salmon and tuna. Not too large.

The rolls were good. Not outstanding, just solidly good. The Alaska Roll was a bit too “creamy” with the squishy avocado but it had good flavour. The BC Roll was also good. The salmon skin had enough salmon on it to give it good flavour.

Service was also acceptable. They move people through the restaurant relatively quickly and the serving staff do not waste time on pleasantries. They bring the menu to your table, give you a couple of minutes to look it over and then return to take your order. A few minutes later your food is delivered and you eat and get out. That’s kind of it.

  • My BC Combo cost about $10.00
  • Sushi Town is located at 5935 E Hastings Street in Burnaby.

I know what to expect when I go to Sushi Town – nothing fancy. Just solidly good sushi that is served quickly and without any fanfare. I will return to Sushi Town.

Sushi Moto in Burnaby 

Even if I have eaten sushi two or three days in a row, when Mom says, “Let’s go for sushi, I found a great a new place!” I listen. And that is how I found Sushi Moto, a new sushi gem in the burbs of Burnaby.

My Mom and sister had already visited Sushi Moto and assured me of the quality of the food items offered so I was comfortable ordering outside of my usual first time at a new sushi joint classics.

Ebi Sunomono Salad
Ebi Sunomono Salad

We started with a couple of ebi sunomono salads. The ebi was the typically ebi – not a favourite of mine anywhere, but the salad under the ebi; wonderful.

The noodles were immersed in a sweet and yet perfectly tangy vinegar “broth” with a generous portions of thinly grated carrots, lettuce, and cucumbers. A good first start.

Prawn Tempura
Prawn Tempura

Next up was a basket with 5 pieces of prawn tempura. I’m not a fan of tempura (too much old oil is used in deep fryers) but Sushi Moto’s tempura had great flavour; not even a hint of the old oil flavour.

Smoked Salmon Salad
Smoked Salmon Salad

For a main course, my Mom had the smoked salmon salad. She is wild about the dressing they bring with the salad – a blend of carrot and sesame and other pure goodness that is made in house. I liked it fine enough but (sorry Mom) I wouldn’t order it again. Mom loves it though.

Cali Combo
Cali Combo

I had one of my daughters with me and the only sushi she will eat is the California Roll. I quite enjoyed the salmon and tuna sushi that came with her California Roll. The sushi is cut with precision and is quite beautiful to look at.

Spicy Tuna Combo
Spicy Tuna Combo

Although my photo above is pretty dark, the food was very good.

Spicy Tuna Sushi
Spicy Tuna Sushi

The spicy tuna sushi was rolled beautifully. Small, bite-size pieces that held together. I loved it. This is classic sushi. Rolled perfectly.

Spicy Tuna Sashimi
Spicy Tuna Sashimi

On the other end of the plate was the spicy tuna sashimi. The slices were cut more generously than the sushi but still cut perfectly with no stringy bits inside.

Overall, our experience at Sushi Moto was very positive. I will definitely be returning and have no hesitation recommending Sushi Moto to you.

Sushi Moto is located beside the Holdom Skytrain station near the Starbucks and the up-ended locomtive engine statue.


Lunch at Kiku Sushi

After completing a long fast before getting a blood test done, I needed food and I needed it fast. So when I came out of the lab building and saw Kiku Sushi, the place to break my fast was obvious.

Sashimi Lunch Box
Sashimi Lunch Box

Not in the mood to waste time, I ordered the sashimi lunch box. Even if I was not famished, this still would have been a very good lunch choice.

The tuna and salmon were nicely cut; generous but not massive as some sushi places tend to now. The tuna had a pleasant taste. Firm to the mouth and just enough buttery smoothness to please my palate.

The salmon was nice.

Teriyaki Chicken
Teriyaki Chicken

My lunch date opted for the teriyaki chicken lunch box. The chicken was well prepared without any grisly bits of bone lurking inside. The pieces of California roll would benefit from a little more avocado but overall they were very nice; tightly rolled and perfectly bite-able.

Seeing as I was famished on my way in, I also ordered one of the “lucky choice” lunch options. For that lunch we shared a sunomono salad, a chicken teriyaki on bean sprouts, and a small plate of tempura veggies.

Sunomono Salad
Sunomono Salad

The tempura was crisp and full of flavour. The sunomono salad had a perfect blend of sweet and vinegar. I would definitely order this starter again.

Kiku Sushi is located in the London Drugs shopping plaza at 4986 Kingsway in Burnaby. I have no hesitation in recommending Kiku Sushi and I will definitely return.


Sushi Koharu

I was in New West and I had a strong craving for sushi and I wanted to try something new rather than just go to my usual sushi places.

And that’s how I ended up discovering the cute little Japanese owned and operated Sushi Koharu.

The interior is decorated in a cute style. The single other person inside the restaurant upon my arrival was the woman behind the counter who came out to greet me. Seeing no other customers in a sushi place always makes me nervous, but I went ahead anyway.

I chatted with the Japanese woman working behind the counter and as it turns out, she has owned and operated Sushi Koharu for the last five years basically on her own.

I asked what lunch option she recommended and she told me the tuna was “very fresh, very good quality”.

I trusted her and asked for a tuna and salmon sashimi donburi.

I have to admit, when the bowl arrived I felt a little uncomfortable. The tuna was cut in what can only be described as a “messy” style.

Once I tasted it though, it was definitely fresh and full of the buttery goodness of tuna.

We continued to chat about her restaurant business and her favourite dishes to prepare. She told me that it was the Omakase menu is her favourite.

She said if the customer trusts her, she can make a beautiful tasting menu for them for either $16 or $25. Next time I’m in Sushi Koharu that may be what I try.

For now, I will give Sushi Koharu my recommendation and I will report back after my next visit.

Sushi Koharu is located at 712 12th Street in New Westminster.

Mega Sushi Lunch Break 

I managed to get away to Mega Sushi in Coquitlam’s Austin Station for a late lunch today. 

I chose to keep it simple by ordering a salmon and tuna sashimi combo. 

Nicely cut sashimi. The tuna was buttery and tender. The salmon was also nice. 

Mega Sushi is located in the Austin Station located at the corner of Austin Ave and Mariner Way. 

Austin Heights is the same retail complex where Thrifty Foods was located until their lease expired. Interesting to see that Save-on-Foods is now moving into the retail space vacated by the very popular Thrifty Foods. 

Anyway, lunch was good. 

Gem Sushi For Lunch

A super quick lunch today at Gem Sushi in Coquitlam’s Como Lake Village shopping strip. 

I had the yam roll with a California roll and one of the tiny tuna rolls. It was okay. Not bad, not great.  

A Couple Restaurant Updates

There have been a couple of changes in local restaurants recently and an exciting new opening you may be interested in hearing about.

First, a place I tried over the Christmas break, the Onyx Steakhouse located in Port Moody’s Suterbrook neighborhood has suddenly closed.

In its place will be another place I recently tried, Romer’s, the burger place. This will give me a convenient opportunity to try them out again.

Another place that has had a sort of “cosmetic” change is the uptown New West location of Okonomi Sushi.

Although the menu and the people are virtually unchanged, the name has changed to Bara Sushi due to a separation away from the downtown New West location of Okonomi Sushi.

Continuing with sushi in New West, the couple at Sushi Paradise have moved on and the location is now called Sushi Farm.

 I tried it today for a quick lunch and I have to say I was underwhelmed.

I had a spicy tuna and salmon sashimi donburi ($9.95) and it was not at all spicy and had a sort of mayonnaise-like cream sauce coating the generous pieces of salmon and tuna. Not what I was expecting.

I’ll probably try Sushi Farm again to see if other dishes are better.

Finally, a place that I am quite excited about, Big Smoke Burger from the Cambie and Broadway neighborhood of Vancouver will be opening another location – this one up at SFU is right near the bus loop on the residential side of the SFU community.

I understand they are opening this week so I’ll be up to pay them a visit this coming weekend.

That’s it for now. Keep on eating!


Bara, Formerly Okonomi Sushi

One of my uptown New Westminster sushi joints has changed names – Okonomi Sushi is now Bara Sushi. Essentially the same people, the same menu, and the same specials.

The change is a result of a separation between their downtown New West 4th Street location and the uptown location.

When I saw the sign in front of Okonomi was changed to Bara Sushi I felt compelled to stop in to see what was going on, and to get a little sushi for lunch .

I got the New Westminster roll – a sort of California Roll with a layer of tuna and tobiko on the outside with a very thinly shaved green onion all curled up on top of the roll. Really, this was a very pretty roll.

Of course looks are not the only important thing; the roll also tasted great.

Bara Sushi, formerly Okonomi Sushi, is still located at 620 6th Street in New Westminster.