Why I Don’t Use Tech In the Classroom

I often hear my teaching colleagues say things like, “I don’t use technology in the classroom because there was that time I did try it and it didn’t work.”

Or, “I pressed a button and ALL my work disappeared and even my neighbour’s really tech-savvy son couldn’t get my work back!”

Wow.¬†Imagine if we took that attitude about things like pens and pencils that fail? How often do we pick up a whiteboard marker and find it dried up so we can’t write on the board with it?

I made this short (and blurry) video to demonstrate my point.


Google Introduces the Tap Keyboard

Google is known for their “forward-thinking” approach to technology. I particularly like this new phone keyboard concept they introduced on April 1st.

Here is a little more about the benefits of new keyboard system. You really have to admire the work that Google puts into their approach to technology.

Best Advice of 2010…Coming Soon…and So Much More!!

We have almost completed compiling the best advice of 2010…with any luck it will be posted tomorrow, the 30th of December. Stay tuned!!

We are also working on a Food and Drink file after a delicious visit to the Romana Restaurant in North Burnaby;

Eating Pizza at Romana Restaurant

We are also working on a number of posts for our Essential and Not-so-Essential Gear file. One of the devices we will be writing about is the Sony “Bloggie Touch”. This is a very compact HD Snap Camera that is used for recording and apparently quite easily uploading video to YouTube or Facebook. We have already¬†posted our first video on YouTube for you to watch.

Another device we will be testing and writing about is the Samsung Galaxy Vibrant. We have returned to the touch screen smartphone marketplace for the first time since the unbelievable failure we had with the very early edition of the HTC Touch. We are hopeful the Samsung will restore our faith in touch screen technology.

Oh, and speaking of touch screen technology, we will also be writing about the Apple iphone 4 that appeared in our house this Christmas season as well.

And of course we are getting ready to launch our first giveaway/contest of 2011! Get ready for it.

Yes, we have a busy year ahead of us. We are ready for it, are you?