Noodle Soup with Soft Poached Egg

Today’s high school cafeteria lunch was a bowl of noodles in a sweet and savoury broth. The spiralized carrots and radish added a nice little crunch to the soup while the steamed spinach created a little bed for the beautiful soft poached egg. 

While the soup was delicious, it didn’t fill me up completely so I wandered over to Raw Cuts Sandwich shop for a sandwich. 

They made a bang up good job on their classic sandwich filled with turkey breast. Half of that sandwich was more than enough to fill me up! 

That was lunch. 

Sushi Town – Hastings Street

I was in North Burnaby yesterday around lunch time so I decided to try out the Hastings Street location of Sushi Town.

Sushi Town
BC Combo

I ordered the BC Combo – a BC Roll with an Alaska Roll and a piece of salmon and tuna sushi.

It was all good. The salmon and tuna nigiri sushi were my favourites; a tidy ball of rice under the nicely portioned salmon and tuna. Not too large.

The rolls were good. Not outstanding, just solidly good. The Alaska Roll was a bit too “creamy” with the squishy avocado but it had good flavour.┬áThe BC Roll was also good. The salmon skin had enough salmon on it to give it good flavour.

Service was also acceptable. They move people through the restaurant relatively quickly and the serving staff do not waste time on pleasantries. They bring the menu to your table, give you a couple of minutes to look it over and then return to take your order. A few minutes later your food is delivered and you eat and get out. That’s kind of it.

  • My BC Combo cost about $10.00
  • Sushi Town is located at 5935 E Hastings Street in Burnaby.

I know what to expect when I go to Sushi Town – nothing fancy. Just solidly good sushi that is served quickly and without any fanfare. I will return to Sushi Town.