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Koobe Coffee

Storytelling with YouTube Shorts

I’ve been learning a new format of storytelling – YouTube Shorts. It seems to me that this is YouTube’s move to take market share back from that other app the kids are calling TikTok. With YouTube Shorts people can create “stories” up to a minute long and then they post/share them on YouTube Shorts. Although […]

PNE Food

PNE Food at the Fair

As we do every year, the kids and I went to the PNE. And of course my primary purpose is to eat all the PNE food! The first food item we tried at the PNE was the “blooming onion”. We ordered it with “the works”. A deep fried onion loaded with melted cheese, bacon bits, […]

Bacon and Eggs

Cabin Cooking and Eating

I love cooking and eating while at the cabin. We call it cabin cooking. I recently took a trip to the cabin with a buddy and we did some of that cabin cooking. And I have to say, we had some damn good eats while there. As you’ve probably been told, breakfast is the most […]


The Northern Cafe – a Vancouver Gem

The Northern Cafe is a Vancouver gem. It is a tiny hole-in-the-wall joint that is probably the most uniquely located restaurant in all of BC. The cafe it is not officially connected to the Northern Building Supply lumberyard – other than being located in the upstairs of the Northern Building Supply lumberyard. As you can […]

Wild Flour Pizza

Wild Flour Pizza – Welcome to the Neighbourhood

The food choices out here in the burbs are pretty solid and they satisfy nearly all of my foodie desires. And now, on the corner of Bainbridge and Lougheed is the Wild Flour Pizza Company – a top tier pizza joint serving unique pizzas on sourdough crusts. Another place that fills my heart and my […]

Chevy Bolt
Durable Goods

I Bought a Chevy Bolt

In May of this year I decided to buy a Chevy Bolt. So I went to Carter GM in Burnaby and met with Howard the car sales guy and without ever driving a Bolt – I put a fully refundable deposit on a Metallic Ghost Grey Chevy Bolt. And then last Friday, Howard called to […]

Kumsheen Rafting
Getting Outside

Kumsheen Rafting on the Thompson River

In mid-July one of my kids and I went to Lytton and spent a half day on the Thompson River with the good folks from Kumsheen Rafting. And we we had an absolute blast. It is incredible seeing the river landscape from on the river rather than looking at it from the highway. And it […]

Tesla Model S
Life Musings

Thursday Thoughts; Electric Vehicles

It is interesting that some still say that electric vehicles are too expensive and that’s one of the reasons that people are not buying them. And yet the number one selling vehicle in North America is still the Ford F150 pick up truck. Now let’s compare the cost. A Chevy Bolt, admittedly a very different […]

Prime Rib Eye Steak

Cooking With Fire

I was recently at the cabin – traveling alone – and I took the opportunity to cook a little steak for myself over an open fire. It turned out to be quite perfect.

Life Musings

Thursday Thoughts

Just because your swing isn’t a home run doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take the swing. Let me give you an example. Just because it is not sunny all day, every day doesn’t mean you should not invest in a solar panel system for your home. It also isn’t always windy. Maybe the tides aren’t going […]