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Ramen Bella

Ramen at Ramen Bella

I am too lazy to add text so here are pics of the ramen my daughter and I had at Ramen Bella in Port Coquitlam down off Lougheed near Westwood. It was delicious. There’s also a picture of a plate of chicken karage – which was everything good. The noodle pull!! Chicken karage – crispy, […]

Spatchcock Turkey

Spatchcock Turkey for Christmas

As I’ve previously written, I’m not a big fan of turkey. It’s just not a type of meat I’m crazy about. – I find it too dry. So people often say things like brine the turkey. Or cook it breast down. Or inject it with liquified butter. Or dry brine it. Or deep fry the […]

Support Local
Life Musings

The Year To Support Local

I’m not one for making New Years resolutions. I find them pretty much useless. So this year instead of making any resolutions, my goal is to “support local.” But let me back up a bit and explain what I am talking about. What I have done in the past is choose a word or a […]

Lytton Creek Wildfire
Life Musings

Thoughts on Aging

You don’t stop skateboarding because you’re old – you grow old because you stop skateboarding. Add any other activity in place of skateboarding. Keep doing what you love to do!

Stress Rock
Life Musings

The COVID Years

As you may remember, COVID-19 started in 2019, hence the “19” in its name. However, 2020 was the year when all the COVID stuff blew up for most of us. 2020 was when the restrictions began. Businesses like restaurants were temporarily closed, people began to work from home, hand sanitizer and face masks became ubiquitous. […]


Brisket Pie on the Traeger

I had a couple freezer bags of brisket in the freezer and I had a hankering for some brisket and yet I did not want to have brisket sandwiches. So, why not brisket pie? Yep, brisket pie. I started out with putting the brisket into my stainless bread mixing bowl and added a package of […]

Chicken and Waffles

Brunch at Kook’s Cooks

My foodie daughter and I were hungry for some brunch but we did not want to drive too far. Thankfully there are a number of interesting places in Coquitlam that serve brunch – including the cool little gem known as Kook’s Cooks. So why is it called “Kook’s Cooks”? Because the restaurant is named after […]


Tater Tot Poutine

I saw a tweet about someone making tater tot poutine and so I says to myself I says, “Stacey, there’s no reason you can’t make that!” So I did. I stopped at No-Frills, my local grocery store and picked up a package of gravy mix and a bag of cheese curds. A quick stop at […]