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Siam Le Bien Pad Thai

Siam Le Bien; A Neighbourhood Gem

Last week we were visiting Companion Books on Hastings near Gilmore when we spotted Siam Le Bien, a Thai food eatery which is nestled in the heart of the Burnaby Heights neighbourhood. Siam Le Bien Thai Restaurant stands as a haven for those seeking an authentic Thai dining experience. Within its walls, this little gem […]

Life Musings

Societal Values

I was listening to the news when I heard a couple of news stories that really rattled me and made me question our societal values. The first news story that caught my attention was about a young man who was driving between 100 and 140 kmh in a 4o kmh zone near UBC. He lost […]


The Trading Post Eatery Abbotsford

On Saturday night my buddy and I were headed out to Abbotsford to see the Doobie Brothers in concert and we needed a pre-concert meal. We hit up the Trading Post Eatery in Abbotsford for some dinner. I have to admit that the Trading Post Eatery was not our first choice for our eats. However, […]

Brave Star Selvege
Durable Goods

Brave Star Selvage Denim

Just as the antithesis of fast food is slow food, the denim gear from Brave Star Selvage is the opposite of fast fashion. Slow fashion, like Brave Star Selvage, approaches the production process from a more mindful perspective, considering the ethics and sustainability of every step of the supply chain. This also means that slow […]

Building a Better Mousetrap
Getting Outside

Building a Better MouseTrap

I have a problem with mice this year and my regular mouse traps can’t keep up with the number of mice that are trying to take over the cabin so, I built a better mousetrap that embraces the old school technology.

My Christmas Tree
Getting Outside

Tree Falling Epic Fails

This last week I was doing some tree falling – cutting down a small group of bug-killed trees and I once we started recording the action, I had an epic fail. As I may have mentioned before, I have been spending a lot more time on the homestead, AKA the cabin. I go there and […]