100 Foot Diet Update

Today being a beautiful sunny Easter Monday, what better to do than work in the backyard garden?



Today I placed the top half of a broken down composter on top of a couple of flattened out cardboard boxes, filled it with a mixture manure, sawdust and composted leaves to create a strawberry planter.

On each side of the new strawberry planter are huckleberry bushes. Honestly, they are the most awful bushes because they have wicked thorns and they produce such a tiny crop of miserable little berries.

As well as the strawberries I added a collar of that same sawdust-manure mix to each of our blueberry bushes.


Last year the blueberries produced a reasonable number of berries, I am hoping that this year will be the bumper crop.

If you look closely at the pic to the left you can see the two pear trees we have espaliered along the fence. There are four different varieties of pears on each tree.

Finally, I received an email from a Vancouver reader wondering if there is anywhere in the city of Vancouver for condo owners to compost their balcony garden box green waste. Anyone know of any services like that in Vancouver? Comment below if  you can help in any way.

Enjoy the sunshine!