293 Wallace St Restaurant 

I ventured up the Fraser Canyon this week and discovered that road conditions were actually much better than they are in the city. Of course as I traveled through Hope I did the usual and stopped at 293 Wallace for lunch.

With all my Christmas feasting still in mind, I opted for a soup and salad.

The soup was actually a very nice salmon chowder with loads of salmon chunks. Very nice.

The salad was loaded with hazelnuts and spiced almonds. The chunks of blue cheese and the house made ranch dressing added a lovely flavour to the crisp romaine lettuce.

On my return trip I decided to try out a new place – the Mission Springs Brew Company.

For lunch I had their Lumberjack Mac and Cheese. It was more like a massive bowl of brisket, bacon, pulled pork with maple syrup on top of small pasta shells. Outrageously delicious.

I actually only ate half the bowl of mac and cheese because it was so filling. And the side salad…delicious. Loaded with slivers of cucumbers and almonds, cranberries, chunks of tomatoes and crumbled feta. Really nice.

The restaurant and pub are in what looks like a hundred year old barn or machine shop. But it is actually a building that was constructed with lots of salvaged beams and lumber in 1996.

The walls are decorated with hundreds of old farm tools and implements. I was told that the crew from American Pickers came through and wanted to buy up much of the stuff in the brew pub but the owners chose to keep it. Good choice.

  • 293 Wallace Street Restaurant is in Hope BC at 293 Wallace Street.
  • The Mission Springs Brewing Company is located at 7160 Oliver St in Mission BC.

Both are places I’ll happily return to and have no hesitation in recommending.