5 Dads Go Wild 2.0

Yesterday after work I loaded my camping gear (a tent, sleeping bag, and a camp stove) into the Ford Expedition we’ve been loaned and headed out through the Fraser Valley.

In the Expedition with me was my friend Michael from Beyond the Rhetoric. We were headed to the Bluemoose Cafe in Hope to meet up with Dale of Parenting 101 and James the Social Dad.

Wes loaded us up with coffee and told us to try and stay safe and warm on our camping trip.

As an experiment, we filled a Stanley thermos with hot coffee while we were at the Bluemoose and the next morning, the coffee was STILL HOT.

As always it was great to see Wes at the Bluemoose.

Did I mention that we were headed to Manning Park? And that when we arrived it was snowing – snowing heavily!

Big, wet flakes of snow.

We headed out past Lightning Lakes at Manning Park and arrived at our campsite – the Lone Duck campsite where we pitched our tents – in the snow.

It was chilly but not cold enough to keep Dale from going for a quick dip in the lake!

More later.

Disclosure: this camping trip has been made possible partly through the generosity of Ford Canada, Stanley Thermos, and our friends at the Bluemoose Coffee among other sponsors.