#5 Dads Go Wild

5 Dads Go Wild; Winter Edition

This week I’ve been thinking back to August when the #5dadsgowild crew headed out to Ross Lake Campground in the Skagit Valley Provincial Park.

We spent time hiking, talking, sitting around the campfire, stargazing, and of course photographing products.

While we were sitting beside the campfire watching the fire and the sky we were counting the satellites that flew overhead. It was astounding to me how many satellites are racing around the Earth.

Now we are seriously considering and actively planning for another #5dadsgowild fall/winter trip!

Remember last year’s 5 Dads Go Wild trip? Heavy, wet snow that collapsed our tents! Now some of the questions we’re wondering about: should we go camping in tents or should we rent cabins? Is it too cold to camp in late November?

One limitation for our next destination is that it needs to be less than a three hour drive from Vancouver so that we can leave work on a Friday and be back in time to shower and get ready for Monday morning work and dad duty.

Where should we go for our next trip? I’m leaning towards Manning Park Resort.

Are we crazy for wanting to go winter camping?