My Crushed Leather Company Carry – Follow Up

As I said I would, I have now filmed a follow-up video review of the Crushed Leather Company Carry.

In this video I describe how during the making of this bag they could taper the nylon webbing that is used inside the shoulder strap and continues around the body of the bag.

After doing some research into the use of nylon webbing I have since learned that it is not possible to cut webbing without losing the desired structural integrity that the webbing provides. So, my suggestion in the video really doesn’t work.

Disclosure: The folks at the Crushed Leather Company sent this bag to me with the request that I return it to them once I have completed my review and I will be honouring that request. There was no financial or other form of compensation paid to me for this review and as always, editorial control of my blog remains with me.