A birthday of sorts

To an individual who has not yet experienced a pregnancy or had the joy of children living with them from birth, a pregnancy is nine months long. Maybe some will say nine months and a week. However, once you have travelled the road of pregnancy, all that changes.

You see, pregnancy is not measured in months at all. As I have discovered, it is measured in weeks and sometimes (in our case anyway) in days. My sweet little bean pods were born on day one of week 33 of the pregnancy. Being twins that is not unusual, you try to get to week 34 or even better to week 36 but ours arrived on their own personal schedule, essentially seven weeks before their “due date”.

So their early arrival creates some confusion as to their age. When out in the public and someone asks how old your babies are in you say, well four months and they look a little aghast at the development of them, you have to add that they are actually two month, adjusted or corrected age. See spending four, five or six weeks in a hospital incubator or crib does not actually advance your development. In fact, in some ways, it slows your development. Just because they arrived at the party early does not mean they are as physically developed as a baby that would have gone full term.

At any rate, now that they are six months, actually born six months ago, they are almost caught up to their expected rate of development. So today we are celebrating their six month birthdays by going out to Denny’s where they can have a free Grand Slam breakfast…and if perchance they can not finish their meal, I will step in and assist them.

Happy birthday to my sweet little princesses.