A Burnaby Starbucks Closes

It is not often that you see an independent coffee shop stay open and the Starbucks across the street from it close up shop. However, that is exactly what happened on the corner of 10th Ave and 6th St along the Burnaby, New West border.

Starbucks Closes Up

The Starbucks has closed and the independent coffee/sandwich shop is still open. I do not hide the fact that I really enjoy a cup of Starbucks coffee but I stopped enjoying their pastries and sandwiches when they started bringing them in from from somewhere in Washington state.

The local coffee shop, Raw Cuts Sandwich Shop has good quality coffee and excellent sandwiches that are made of site by a really nice couple. Sure they could use better quality bread but I’m not going to complain. Where else can I get a great tasting, freshly prepared egg, cheese, and ham sandwich with a coffee for $4.50?

I’m sad to see Starbucks close up a shop because I know there were good people working there but that is the power of the market place – people will go where the good food and good coffee is served. For me, that is Raw Cuts Sandwich Shop on the north west corner of 10th ave and 6th Street. Give them a try.