A Complicated Life With Little Ones

I thought that my life with twin toddlers was complicated; wow, was I wrong. Case in point, yesterday I asked two buddies to drop by and have a short visit (my secret agenda was trying to get them to bring me a cuppa Starbucks).

You see, yesterday was the final day of a week of me being home alone with the twins, without a car. The plan for my day was to load the girls in the stroller and walk to the lake in the south-west corner of our estate and let the girls play on the swings and slide. My only concern for the day centered on hoping my girls did not get into climbing and sliding on the big rock near our playground.

The buddies I invited over, both with kids a couple or more years older than my toddlers told me that their days did not allow for such trivialities as hanging out and drinking coffee at a lake.

Their days were broken down into 15 minute increments of where they needed to be dropping kids off and picking kids up.

I was surprised and fear that I had a glimpse into my future.

And by the by, the week of being home alone with the twins went swimmingly. No blood, no death and very few tears (on my part).