A Couple Restaurant Updates

There have been a couple of changes in local restaurants recently and an exciting new opening you may be interested in hearing about.

First, a place I tried over the Christmas break, the Onyx Steakhouse located in Port Moody’s Suterbrook neighborhood has suddenly closed.

In its place will be another place I recently tried, Romer’s, the burger place. This will give me a convenient opportunity to try them out again.

Another place that has had a sort of “cosmetic” change is the uptown New West location of Okonomi Sushi.

Although the menu and the people are virtually unchanged, the name has changed to Bara Sushi due to a separation away from the downtown New West location of Okonomi Sushi.

Continuing with sushi in New West, the couple at Sushi Paradise have moved on and the location is now called Sushi Farm.

 I tried it today for a quick lunch and I have to say I was underwhelmed.

I had a spicy tuna and salmon sashimi donburi ($9.95) and it was not at all spicy and had a sort of mayonnaise-like cream sauce coating the generous pieces of salmon and tuna. Not what I was expecting.

I’ll probably try Sushi Farm again to see if other dishes are better.

Finally, a place that I am quite excited about, Big Smoke Burger from the Cambie and Broadway neighborhood of Vancouver will be opening another location – this one up at SFU is right near the bus loop on the residential side of the SFU community.

I understand they are opening this week so I’ll be up to pay them a visit this coming weekend.

That’s it for now. Keep on eating!