A Crepe Escape at Lonsdale  Quay 

Earlier this week I happened to be on the North Shore, travelling via Seabus,  when I saw the Crepe Escape and decided to give their breakfast crepe a try. 

I have to say that I was quite pleased with my choice.  

The service was prompt and professional but not overly friendly. However, it was fun watching my crepe being prepared. 

The crepe-guy pours the thin batter into the smoking hot surface and then very quickly uses a little wooden thing to spread the batter to a very thin level. 

Next he cracked an egg onto the crepe, broke the yolk with a fork and then spread the egg around the surface of the crepe before adding slices of ham. I’m at   

After the ham was warmed, he folded the crepe over, thereby enclosing the egg, ham and cheese. 

He let that cook for a few more moments before doing another clever fold. 

The taste and the convenience of the crepe were great. However, I was unimpressed to see my crepe served on a styrofoam plate. 

Overall, good taste and an entertaining production make for good value. I will return and try more of the Crepe Escape menu items.