A Dad in the Burbs Attempts to Find the Top Three Foodie Places

During spring break a buddy and I decided to head into Vancouver and try out a few foodie places; the places we visited are places we have heard about but rarely have time to try. Our stated goal was to determine our top three foodie places in Vancouver.

We did stop at Dixie’s Barbecue on East Hastings but they were closed the night we were in the city.

Because I do not have a camera crew that can follow and document our travels the way that Anthony Bourdain does, I simply use my iPhone to capture images that I later use on my iPad to turn into “movies” to share our experience.

I have edited the “footage” of places we visited down to Bao Bei, The Keefer, Timber, and Yolks with an honourable mention of the Terminal Pub in New Westminster.

Our top three? Probably Bao Bei, The Keefer, and Yolks. What other places would you like to see us visit? Feel free to add your thoughts to the comments below.






2 responses to “A Dad in the Burbs Attempts to Find the Top Three Foodie Places”

  1. Michael Kwan (@michaelkwan) Avatar

    Oh, there’s no way I could narrow down the foodie scene to just three places! Some ideas off the top of my head…. Miku, Chambar, Forage, Fable Kitchen, AnnaLena…

    1. stacey Avatar

      My question/theme of this blog post obviously wasn’t clear. The only way this was a “top three” was in the sense that, of the places I visited on my most recent foodie tour, Bao Bei, the Keefer, and Timber were the top three.