A Day in Juneau Alaska

We are currently docked in Juneau, Alaska

Juneau, The Strip
Juneau, The Strip

although my body does not yet understand that it is not actually on a ship. The first shop I walked into I had to ask the woman at the cash if the building was still moving.

She replied that in fact as a public service they put their building on a rocker just to make cruise ship passengers feel more comfortable.

However, last night was our dinner date at the specialty restaurant, Murana aboard the Celebrity Century. Murano serves French food with Mediterranean influenced.

I have to say that after dining at the Murano, it was physically impossible for me to indulge in my late night snack. I feel my excuse is valid seeing as dinner was a five course meal beginning with a goat cheese souffle, a lobster bisque

Lobster Bisque
Lobster Bisque

and continuing to the main course of an 8 ounce serving of venison done medium rare, a cheese course and completing with a dual Grand Marnier and Dark Chocolate souffle.

Yes, when I awoke this morning I was still feeling the effects of the souffles.


Ahh yes, you did notice! Yes there are photos in this post and I have added a few more in my previous post. That is because I am on land, in B’s Bakery and Bistro

B's Bakery and Bistro
B’s Bakery and Bistro

enjoying FREE wireless Internet and an excellent cup of coffee; HELLO French Press coffee.

Life continues to be wonderful. Tonight is the second formal night for dinner so I will once again be slipping into my pin stripes and acting like a civilized gentleman for our Japanese ladies.

More later.





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