A Dinner Party – With our Baby Girls in Attendance

Well we are home again and the wee ‘uns are safely sleeping in their beds and all is right in the world. In short, we, my Sweetheart and our baby girls, and perhaps more importantly, our hosts survived our very first Christmas – Winter Solstice party.

My Sweetheart’s anxiety was running at a fever pitch while I was my usual blase self. So what if there were dogs at the party who are unfamiliar with small children intent on poking them in the eyes? So what if there was a real fireplace with real wood burning in the living-room? (a rare and special treat for us old country people). So what if the oven was on, hot dishes on the table, fine China plates and crystal glassware was everywhere? My attitude is, “Don’t worry, it’ll be fine.” And it was.

In fact it was fabulous. Our hosts, the creative genius behind Imagining Better and her partner were very accommodating and welcoming. The food was spectacular and I enjoyed a delicious plate of it in spite of the guilt I carried for bringing the proverbial bag of Old Dutch potato chips and half full bottle of diet no-name Cola to the potluck. Eating when feeling is guilty is good though, it always makes you crave seconds. There was one dish, out of the many, that was particularly deelish, a “potato pie” – quiche like dish. I will endeavour to get the recipe and add it to this post.

At any rate, that is one more challenge we have successfully met; we have been out “after the baby girls’ bedtime” and lived to tell about it.


  1. And on behalf of the other guests, especially me, we’re so glad you came! And stayed!! Don’t worry, it gets better as the kids get older; for example, my 2 discovered the gigantic bathtub shortly after you left, and busied themselves playing in it…with water! Heard in the car on the way home: “Mum, I was going to come back downstairs to the party in my underwear, but then I thought, uh, no, I’d better not do that!!” See??? It’s all smooth sailing from here!!

  2. Haha, Tanya, awesome that your kids think underwear isn’t party-wear… have some adult friends who have yet to figure that out!

    Stacey, your children were angels, dog-poking included. No one around here sweats a little screaming after the blinded dog bites through some tender child flesh. Okay, maybe the child’s mother, but the rest of us, pshaw – if everyone lives and most people laugh, it’s a good day to be alive. And hey, the fire reminders just make it all feel like camping! (Hmm, I might feel some irreverent drawings coming on.)

  3. Oh the hosts did much more than survive – we thrived. Your family was a pleasure to meet and a treasure to have amongst us. Thank you for coming and best wishes over the holidays to you and your beautiful family.

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