A drive to the West End of Vancouver

Today was another truly exhausting day. It started too early in the morning for us and went too late in the day for the twins. When that happens they have mini-meltdowns and cannot hold themselves together. It typically happens when we try to jam too much into a day and the kids then miss their afternoon nap. You might think that we would learn from our experience.

This morning just before we left the house we found the breast pump making a weird noise and delivering no milk sucking action. Great. On a weekend when Childrens’ Hospital store for all things boob is closed. And with twins the breast pump is a necessity, not a luxury.

So off we go to Vancouver for our adventure. We end up in the West End of Vancouver, parked directly across from English Bay. Nice. Walk up Denman, looking in all the shops and restaurants with the twins eyes wide open taking in all the sights. We decide that if we were rich enough to not have to work we would live in Vancouver and eat a different ethnic food every day. And then when it came time to decide what to eat today, we spun the wheel of restaurant chance and ended up in Vera’s Burger Shack on Denman. Kind of funny when there are Shwarma places, Greek food, Legendary Noodle House, sushi, pizza and so much more and we end up in a burger shack.

We both order the veggie burger combo with the works. I defer to the guy on the till what to add to the burger and he makes it great. I especially like it when a guy working in a place tells you you have ordered too much food. That gives them instant credibility in my eyes. So we cancel one order of fries. When the burgers arrive we are very pleased. Nice texture and very good taste to veggie patty. And with cheddar cheese, a splash of jalapenos, and garlic mayo, these burgers are deelish.

By the time we were done with the burgers and fries and driving back to the burbs the girls were overdue for their afternoon nap. As we drive home the meltdown begins. Story loses it and will not sleep in the car seat. And it grows from there culminating in a foul-smelling poonami that required a hosing down.

Honestly, I don’t have the energy to say anymore. It really was a long day.