Hakkasan Bistro And Canada Berries Winery

This evening I am going to a complimentary dinner and wine pairing event at Hakkasan Bistro. Hakkasan is partnering with Canada Berries Winery (formerly Sanduz Estate Wines) to jointly host a Hakka inspired Chinese feast paired with award-winning BC fruit wines and VQA Ice Wines.

First stop of the evening was at the Canada Berry Winery where I learned about the BC fruit wine business.

The first wine I really enjoyed was the cranberry wine. A strong scent of alcohol comes off the glass. The taste was quite dry comparable to a cranberry juice – leaving that dry taste in your mouth. I quite enjoyed it. To be clear though, it does not taste anything like cranberry juice – it is clearly wine.

The next one was a straight blueberry. Their Blue Queen. Much less boozy smelling as I breathed in above the glass. A strong blueberry taste was present.

The black currant wine was another hit. A lot more acidic than the blueberry. You can feel the tartness in the back of your mouth as you swirl the wine in your mouth.

Next stop will be the Hakkasan Bistro over on No 5 Road.