A Home for $100,000?

Can you tell me what kind of a home you could buy in the Metro Vancouver area for $105,000? Is there such a thing?

9217 Masse Court
9217 Masse Court

Well how about if I told you that you could purchase the three bedroom, two bathroom house pictured here for $105,000?

Sweetheart and I have been talking about moving to somewhere we can get a house for less money and then this little gem of a home came up on my Facebook newsfeed. Imagine.

A lovely little house that was built in 2005 in a nice neighbourhood that is close to schools, pools, parks and a private lake for $105,000?

Welcome to Aubrey Texas. If you are interested in a home in the Lone Star State, contact my friend Bob McCranie at Texas Pride Realty.

If you do call Bob, tell him that I sent you his way. Imagine, $105,000 for this cute little place!!

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