A Jump Start for my Garden

Yesterday I took my little ones to the Vancouver Olympic Village and visited with Lee Anne from the Mom Paradigm. She has been blogging about her community garden adventures and I wanted to see first hand how her garden compared to my efforts.

Perhaps the fact that I grew up on an organic vegetable growing farm makes me a little competitive when it comes to gardening…so under the guise of, “Hey I’m nearby with my girls, was wondering if you wanted to have a little visit” I dropped by their abode in the Olympic Village (which seems like it is a fabulous community).

The reality was, I wanted to compare our gardens.

Hers is amazing! She fed my girls radishes freshly plucked from the ground, bragged about how they have so much spinach that they can’t even give it away, her chives are thriving and WOW!! Her garden rocks!

So today, when I am supposed to be working on a major presentation for an important client I snuck off to the local garden shop that springs up just along the road each spring, and bought some plants.

A jump start of sorts for my bell peppers, Sweet 100 cherry tomatoes and zucchini plants. … and now I cannot upload my photos for some unknown reason. Argh.