A Late Night Hospital Visit

A heartfelt thank you to the amazing staff at Eagle Ridge Hospital. Yesterday night after the girls’ bedtime Blonde Bear woke up in a panic with wheezy-gasping breathing; there is probably nothing as frightening for a parent as a kid who cannot breathe.

I loaded my little one into the car and headed to the hospital. Knowing that the Royal Columbian Hospital in New West had recently expanded (temporarily) their ER by taking over a Tim Hortons I thought it wiser to avoid that scene.

Breathing Easy
Breathing Easy

We went to Eagle Ridge Hospital in Port Moody. What a good choice that turned out to be. From the moment we walked into the hospital people were gracious and kind. The woman who took our information at the ER check-in was kind and reassuring, the first nurse who came out to assess us equally kind and even more reassuring.

A young lady with a broken pinky (how do you break a pinky finger playing lacrosse?) promptly stood up and offered me her chair and watched over my Gene Simmons Money/Diaper Bag while we went in and out of the triage centre.

The nurse in the ER was gentle as was the doctor who came in and did the assessment; my little one had croup. Not life-threatening in most cases but certainly distressing for children and parents

My little one went from a gasping, wheezing mess into a peaceful sleeping angel in no time at all. Thanks to the kind and considerate staff at Eagle Ridge Hospital. Thank you. Thank you so very much not only for the service you provided but also for the kindness you demonstrated in doing so. Thank you.


  1. We’ve been in and out of the Eagle Ridge ER a handful of times, and their pediatricians are excellent. With small children, you usually get triaged in first too, which is greatly appreciated! I like the way the parking lot is so close to the ER too, unlike some hospitals.

  2. So glad this was your experience.

    These are stories that need to show up in the news – along with the Tim Horton’s debacle. When I’m speaking to a 21-year-old who voted Conservative because he thinks private health care has a place in the Canadian landscape because all he knows is an over-loaded ER took over Timmie’s (albeit under Conservative leadership, I might point out) the stories of kind, gentle, effective, timely care happening in our ERs is important.

    My Mum’s recent experience in the ER in Richmond was similarly positive … although, it did take the hospital volunteer a while to find her for me. (Did give me an extensive tour of the massive ER – where everything seemed under control with people receiving care or resting peacefully – many in fairly private nooks and crannies that had been designed into the newly renovated space.)

    It’s good to think there are hospital experiences we can trust – especially when it is our little one’s in need!

  3. Good to know as we too would have to make that same choice of hospital, and we too have had a number of croup incidents. Guess I’ll bookmark the route just in case.

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