A lovely weekend sleep-in

It is up and at ’em for another day! Story is in the exersaucer…a device brought to us from an Afghani prison used to torture prisoners by preventing them from sleeping. It is similar in sound to someone gently taking all the plates, bowls and mugs from your kitchen, putting them in a plastic garbage bag and then twirling it around over head without worrying about hitting the walls and light fixtures. The twins love playing in this device. Perhaps they are training to be future CSIS agents or something equally exciting.

It was a long night last night. Annalie was up at midnight, 2:30, 4:30 and then 6am before insisting on getting up for the day at 8am. Ugh. The stupid part is that then she is tired, just like Story will be tired, and they get to go for a nap while we get to do laundry, wash bottles, walk the dog, clean the cat shit box, and generally get the house looking more like it is lived in than a deserted house being inhabited by squatters. Just about as we get done, the girls awake.

And now Annalie has just projectile vomitted some foul smelling clear liquid onto my leg at the same time Caragh’s breast pump quit working. The weekend has begun.