A Metaphor for Life

I was out walking in a park near my home the other day and I saw a crew of city workers pouring a cement pad that will soon have a picnic table installed on it. I saw that cement pad as a metaphor for a life.


See when that cement pad is just created, it is easy to work with. You can shape it and scrape it and make it fit to whatever firm you want.

As the time goes by, the cement hardens. It takes more effort to alter the pad. Eventually you have to use tools to scrape into the surface. It can still be done though.

And after the cement pad is “firmly set” the crew will return to place a picnic table on it. After the table is in place, families will come and sit, set and enjoy their time there.

Perhaps the table will wear out. The cement pad will wear and weather. Cracks will appear and some corners may fall off. However, it is still possible to work with the cement. New anchors can be placed. If you are really set, you can still carve your initials within hearts into the cement pad.

A life, just like a cement pad is easier to shape and mould when it is new. As we age and wrinkle and develop cracks in our lives, although it is more difficult, it is still possible to make changes.