Marlondo Leather

A New Style of Marlondo Leather Briefcase

Recently the good folks at Marlondo Leather reached out to me and told me that they were prototyping a new style of briefcase – a canvas and leather combo briefcase.

Marlondo Leather

And the cool part, they asked me if I was interested in getting one of their prototypes to provide feedback to them. They told me that I am welcome to be public with my thoughts and impressions of the new style of briefcase that they are developing.

So what better way to provide some feedback than a YouTube video!

Full disclosure, I have been incredibly lazy and I am miles behind (funny how it just doesn’t sound the same to say I am “kilometres behind”) on the projects I have for writing about so … this unboxing video is actually a couple weeks old and I actually filmed the video a couple of weeks before I did the edits to the video. Reality is that I have been carrying this new briefcase for almost a month now!

And … I absolutely love the new style of briefcase that Marlondo Leather is developing. It is strong enough to be used as an everyday carry and yet light enough to not blow your shoulder out from the weight of the bag. I do believe it will age nicely and develop a character of its own in the coming days, weeks, months, and years of carrying it.

Marlondo Leather

So if you don’t want to watch the video (I can’t imagine you not wanting to see me on your screen!) I will give you the TL/DR – the new style Marlondo Leather briefcase has excellent internal organization – pockets and compartments galore and it has sumptuous leather straps and handles that feel delicious to the touch.

If you want to, feel free to add your thoughts to the comments section on YouTube. That’s it for now.