A Perspective Adjustment

So you think you are busy with your demanding baby? Not getting enough sleep because your baby has had a runny nose and been up a couple of times in the night? Life is challenge with twins? Check out this mother of quadruplet boys! And she recently took the boys to Disney World. From Quatro Mama and the Crew;

So what does the laundry pile look like upon return from Disney World with quadruplets after a snow storm delay? 

6 loads folded

1 in the washer

1 in the dryer

3-4 waiting to be washed

If only I could have bottled up some Pixie Dust that would magically wash/dry/fold/put away these giant loads of laundry! 

HOWEVER…it beats living out of a suitcase! 

It’s soooo good to be home after our 2,000 mile road trip to Walt Disney World and back. There’s so much that I cannot wait to share with you, sweet blogging family!

HOWEVER, laundry is ready for another switcharoo! 

If you don’t hear from me soon, come check the bottom of the pile, okay?