Are you Clinically Tired?

Just some observations on how to know if you are reaching the point of pure, beautiful exhaustion.

First, this morning I put a scoop of my cereal in the dog’s dish and a scoop of her kibbles in my cereal bowl. I didn;t notice until I was a third of the way through. I suppose the yogurt and soy milk made it taste okay…kind of. Jim Dog ate hers up with any questions.

Next was the fact that I showed up at work with one thin black sock and the other foot in a blue wool work-style sock. Nobody noticed until I got home and took my slippers off…oh yeah, I also wore my slippers to the office.

The best one though was when it was bath time for the girls. I reached around and grabbed my nemesis, the orange cat and bathed him. He only struggled marginally more than Annalie or Story normally do. The worst part for him (and me) was when I tried to brush his teeth.

That’s it for tonight. I’m off to see who gets the boot from Dancing With the Stars, Kate (the Shopping-Cart) Gosselin or Buzz (Moon-Boots) Aldrin. Later peeps.