A Saturday Picnic in the Park

This afternoon we loaded the girls in the car and headed over to the Fraser River Foreshore Park in Burnaby (down at the foot of Byrne Road). This spot has a special place in my heart because many, many years ago my grandmother had her boat shed on the river just off Byrne Road. I love to go down by the river and watch the most beautiful boats on the water, the tug-boats that move the raw products of our coastal communities up and down the river. On the way to the river we stopped and picked up a little picnic lunch.

It is nifty to see how our world has changed so much in recent years. What would you have taken for a picnic lunch 20, 30 or 40 years ago? Sushi? I hardly think so. Today, instead of the usual potato salad and sandwiches for our picnic, we stopped in at my favourite little hole-in-the-wall sushi place in Burnaby, Asa Sushi on Royal Oak just off Rumble.

Admittedly the owners of this little joint are not Japanese and their sushi is not world class like Tojo’s or anything like that. It is typical Korean-size-cut sushi that is always fresh and deleicious. Yes, their BC Roll uses cooked salmon instead of barbecued salmon skin. This is perfect to me because we can feed the salmon to the twins. And they LOVE it!

The Asa Sushi tuna roll has just the right touch of green onion to add an appreciated flavour twist.

What a great day to sit on the banks of the Fraser River and watch our girls play on the swings and slide.

Annalie and Papa at the Fraser River June 5th
Annalie and Papa at the Fraser River June 5th

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  1. Tugboats.

    5 years ago we had the dream condo right on the Fraser River. When you sat on the couch you could see no land out the windows – only river and tugboats.

    We knew all the tugs by name and discussed the different sine waves of them all. Sometimes, we got a full show right outside our window. We’d get our elbows on the railing of the balcony and watch as the guys danced over the log booms and hooked up a couple of tugs for a tandem pull.

    We miss them still … but in relation to your post about success – well, it was the great big housing boom and in 2 years we were able to sell the condo for $100,000 more than we paid. It was a good thing, but I miss the river and all its drama.

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