A Simple Leather Belt

I recently discovered that I needed a new leather belt. I have to admit, there is nothing wrong with the belt that I was using other than the fact that it seems to be too short now. I’m not sure how this happened, but it did happen.

A Simple Leather Belt
A Simple Leather Belt

As you probably know, I love my leather. Briefcases, bags, wallets and belts. They all have to be top quality leather. So what to do? Go online.

And that I was where I found A Simple Leather Belt.

On this site you click each option to say how you want your belt to be built; the shape of the belt tip, the number of holes, the style of buckle and the number of rivets to hold the buckle in place, the colour of leather, basically every option is your choice.

Just click, click, click, confirm order, and pay your $59 and the good people at A Simple Leather Belt will ship (for free) your belt to your door.

On their website the guarantee says that the belt is guaranteed against failure unless you use the belt for something like towing a car. That seems laughable until you get the belt in your hand; this belt is made from the thickest leather you can imagine and I can see how in a pinch, if you needed to tow a car you might consider using your belt. It is that substantial.

I will add an updated post in a few months to let you know how my belt is working out. Or, if you need a new leather belt, go ahead and check out A Simple Leather Belt and post a comment here to let us know how your belt works for you.






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