A Super Quick and Healthy Breakfast 

My One Pot Pasta was easy but this quick and healthy breakfast one is even easier!

quick and healthy breakfast
Two Eggs

First, I cracked two eggs into a mug! As a side note, notice how the egg yolks are such different colours?

quick and healthy breakfast
Cheddar Cheese and Peppers

I chopped up a small piece of cheddar cheese and less than a quarter cup of the leftovers from yesterday’s one pot pasta and added that to the mug with the two eggs.

I stirred the mixture vigorously with a fork, added a shake of salt and a grind of black pepper before putting the mug of egg and stuff into the microwave for a minute and a half.

No kidding. A minute and a half later I had a creamy omelette in the mug.

I moved it out of the mug onto a plate to see what it looked like and I was very impressed.

The flavour was good, the egg had a pleasing creamy texture – in less than five minutes I made a tasty and moist omelette. It was awesome!

A quick and healthy breakfast in less than 5 minutes and virtually no dirty dishes!