A Totally FREE Alternative to the Vancouver Aquarium

We are proud to introduce a new Friday feature, the Stacey Robinsmith dot com super-saver idea! Each Friday we will endeavour to bring you a fresh new fun idea that you can enjoy with your family.

Many people, especially kids, love to go to the Vancouver Aquarium to see strange and exotic fish swimming in their tanks. However, at $27 per adult and $17 per child, this is not exactly an affordable family activity. By the time you add in the cost of parking, the trip to the concession for the $4.50 ice cream that your kid will eventually drop on the ground and the $2.00 coffee that you and your partner will require to wash down the headache killer pills, you are into the day for $100. Add on the parking ticket you are more than likely to receive, well you get the idea.

However, there is a very affordable, Stacey Robinsmith dot com approved alternative; take your kids to the equally exciting and totally FREE,  AQUARIUM OF DOOM!! (Best to say these words with an artificially lowered and deep voice with a bit of echo)

Yes, right here in the city and in some locations in the suburbs (yes, there are even two locations in Surrey), you can visit an aquarium in your own community for free.

How is this possible you say? Well, every T&T Supermarket has an AQUARIUM OF DOOM!! Yes! Inside every T&T Supermarket there are tanks of beautifully coloured fish for your kids to admire and adore.

There are also other exotic sea creatures that are there to astonish and amaze your child.

The best part? If your kid really likes the fish that he or she sees, they can take the fish home with them!! You know that the Vancouver Aquarium would never allow you to do this.

Did I say that was the best part? It actually gets better still. Instead of a concession stand, there is FREE food being offered to you by super friendly people! Absolutely free. You can’t beat that. Or can you?

Yes you can. Rather than circling a parking lot looking for a spot somewhere near the Canada-USA border for which you will pay a day’s wages to use, there is free parking at the AQUARIUM OF DOOM. Free and plentiful.

One word of caution though, sometimes people are less than kind to the fish in the AQUARIUM OF DOOM. Sometimes when they decide to take a fish or two home the person behind the counter will take a cleaver and chop the head off  and rip the guts out of the fish. If your child is as sensitive as I am about seeing living things become non-living things, best that you are able to quickly divert their attention away from the massacre.

That’s it for this week. A very inexpensive alternative to the Vancouver Aquarium. And you do not even have to drive into Vancouver for this spectacle. Just google it; T&T Supermarket. And enjoy.


  1. Love it! We take Kahlen to “Island Pets” (which used to be “Big Als”) in the Korean plaza at Lougheed and North Road. LOADS of fish thanks and it even has SHARKS (for real!!). We also trek out to the Inch Creek Hatchery (on the way to Harrison) to see the Sturgeons (also free!!)

  2. Whatever happened to the WEEKEND OF CHORES (said in the same voice as AQUARIUM OF DOOM)? I seem to recall my childhood being full of those “fun”, free weekends! 😉

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