A Visit to the Dragon Palace

Earlier this week we were out late in the afternoon with the wee uns and we were just too tired to go home and make dinner for the kids. Seeing as I detest most take-out, other than some sushi or pizza, our choices were quite limited. So what did we do? We wheeled into one of our favourite New West places, the Dragon Palace.

Typically we start with a bowl of their fish congee. Although my Sweetheart and I enjoyed the congee, the girls, not so much this time around.

Fish Congee at Dragon Palace

So we asked if they had milk, just a little something to get the girls in the mood for some food. No milk. Soy milk, yes. We asked if we could get it warmed a little. In what seemed to us to be a very odd way of serving it, the soy milk was brought out in a large bowl. It didn’t really matter though, the girls were having no part of soy milk, in a bowl, bottle or through a straw.

Annalie at the Dragon Palace

Blonde Bear was having no part of soy milk either. No congee and no milk. Not so good so far.

My Sweetie’s favourite dish (other than me) are the shrimp dumplings. The shrimp dumplings are a carry-over from the dim sum menu so we have to ask very nicely in order to get a serving of them. I guess we were nice enough this time around.

Shrimp dumplings at Dragon Palace

These flavour packs never disappoint. The dense shrimp meat inside the gooey (in a tasty-good kinda gooey) wrapper are always a marvel.

My favourite vegetable is broccoli. Broccoli with thick noodles is my dream dish. Usually we get the thin, crispy noodles…the kind that annoy the shit out of me. Today was my lucky day. I asked the server for the thick noodles and some kind of vegetables with broccoli. Her response; “Broccoli?”

“Sure, and maybe with some other vegetables?”

Fat noodles and broccoli at Dragon Palace

Here are our fat noodles with broccoli. Admittedly, they were delicious, although some other vegetables might have made it more interesting. I enjoy the texture of the thicker udon noodles. The sauce was simple, delicate and light. A simple dish that went well with our fish choice.

Our fish choice was the special of the day, cod with black bean sauce. It was also very tasty but not so photogenic. (Hence no photo). One thing about the  cod; it was served with a very tasty skin on it.

On its serving plate was a knife and fork and I have to admit, I cheated during this meal and used the knife and fork. I usually get into the atmosphere and eat my meal with chopsticks, but I don’t know how I would have eaten the cod with chopsticks.

Part way through the meal I made the bold move of adding the remaining noodles to the plate with the cod. Well done.

Overall, a good meal. The girls enjoyed the noodles and the broccoli if not the fish congee. Of course we will return to the Dragon Palace.