A Visit to the San Diego Zoo and More

Yesterday we took the twins and visited the world famous San Diego. And the verdict is…meh. For a world famous zoo we were somewhat underwhelmed. Yes, it was full of animals from Africa and Asia and even some from North and South America, but it just did not excite my imagination the way that I thought it might. Perhaps that is partly due to the fact that most days I live in what seems like a zoo.

But for the San Diego zoo, to begin with, you have to be very strategic about even getting there. It opens at 10am and you should plan on arriving before 10 or very shortly after that. Do not bother getting there after 12 noon. We met a family who looked like they had been wandering the desert for forty years in search of the lost parking spot. They pulled up behind us as we were loading the car and asked if we were leaving; my answer to the affirmative drew a Hail Mary, and heartfelt BLESS YOU! I asked how long they had been looking for a parking spot. Two hours of driving that lot. So get there early.

Back inside the zoo. It was cool to see the variety of animals. But there was a just a hint of sadness to see animals sitting in cages. Sitting and looking bored. I suppose that is the nature of a zoo, animals in cages for the masses to walk by and look at as they eat their ice cream cones, pretzels and four dollar sodas.

After our visit to the zoo we needed some food. Having heard great things about the In N Out Burger chain, we punched in the coordinates for one of their locations and headed off. Upon arrival I am sent in to reconnoitre the site. The sign lists their choices…double-double burger, cheeseburger and a hamburger. Cool. I approach the till and ask if they have a veggie burger. Of course! Two please, with one set of fries. I watch one of the approximately 15 or 20 employees taking whole, scrubbed potatoes and pressing them through a thing that turns them into French fries, ready for the fryer.

Get back to the car, open up the bagaburgers, two burger buns with a slice of tomato, cheese, and lettuce. Too funny! The cool thing is that the burgers, fries and two sodas came to something close to seven bucks.

Later in the day we did a drive-by of the Hotel del Coronada. Gorgeous to look at…$15 to park for two hours. Hence the drive-by.

The real highlight for us though was a new milestone of sorts for our little ones. Annalie has begun to crawl now! The circumstances to her crawling were quite amusing; we were sitting on the bed in our room in the Hilton having a picnic of sorts eating fish tacos. Annalie saw the plate of fish tacos, locked on target and made significant forward movement in order to get at those tacos. It was hilarious to see her going after the food like that.

Which brings me to the food situation. We have found a tiny Mexican take-out place called Caliente’s where we can get fish tacos, burritos and quesadillas. My kind of place!

The amazing thing is that we are having a ton of fun, seeing very neat sights, the girls have adapted to life on the road and so have we. So it is all good down here in San Diego.