A Weekend of Eating

We traveled the Fraser Canyon this weekend just gone and of course we ate a few meals along the way.

We started with harvest mushroom soup at the Blue Moose Cafe. Excellent soup with a true mushroom taste.

We also got a sandwich each. I had the smoked turkey, Blonde Bear got the ham sandwich, and Brown Bear got the grilled cheese. Massive sandwiches. And awesomely delicious. Next time we’ll share two sandwiches instead of getting three.

At the cabin I oven roasted Brussels sprouts, a couple potato patties each, and some very heavily sauced ribs.

Breakfast was scrambled eggs, breakfast ham, and sliced baked potatoes. A few cherry tomatoes to keep us from getting scurvy.

Lunch at the cabin was a return of the Brussels sprouts and cherry tomatoes. I also whipped up some biscuits (not good) and a couple potato patties (one of the only foods Brown Bear will eat).

On the way home we stopped at 293 Wallace in Hope for a culinary adventure.

We started with a plate of foie gras – an item off the tasting menu that Chef Brent Gillis was preparing for another couple at a nearby table.

It was magnificent. Salty, buttery, fatty, melt-in-your-mouth bacon-pancetta goodness. The texture and mouth feel was almost as much of a pleasurable experience as the taste.

I had the soup and salad combo and upgraded my salad to the Blue cheese, candied pecans, and hazelnuts on a bed of romaine lettuce.

The soup was a perfect salmon chowder. Loads of salmon with just enough saltiness.

My daughters had a cheeseburger and fries – best fries ever. And the chicken strips and Caesar salad.

The chicken strips were a lightly too toasted for my liking but my daughters loved them.

For dessert, the three of us shared the lemon cheesecake with a blueberry compote. The kids LOVED it. I enjoyed it. Of course I grew up in a house where cheesecake is a perfected art form.

And that was it. A wonderful weekend of eating.




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