About this blog

I am Stacey Robinsmith and I am an award winning blogger/social media influencer.

I typically blog about life in the suburbs of our city although I do make the occasional trip into the heart of Vancouver.

I blog about the food we eat, the food we make, the hotels we stay in while on holidays and the hotels I stay in while I am on business.

I blog about cool experiences like the cruise ships that visit our city, the theatre experiences we enjoy, the television we endure and more.

I also blog about customer service winners and losers and the celebrations that life brings us and the struggles that we must overcome.

Typically my blog posts are my observations and at all times I have editorial control of what goes on my blog.

And just for the record, not everything I write is factual. Sometimes I take an incident I was part of or something I witnessed and it inspires me to write a blog post. When reading here, always keep in mind, just because it is on the internet doesn’t mean it is true.

If you feel so inclined, you can contact me by email at srobinsmith@gmail.com. Enjoy.


  1. Hey Stacey, are you open to a suggestion? How about your thoughts on or about Morales?
    Below is an example of a brief morale called the Cookie Pang temptation.

    If your gonna steal from a Fat Man’s cookie jar, be prepare to get your hand slapped.

    I watched him while he slowly rolled over and went off to sleep. I figured his pickings were just right for me, so I shuffled over to his cookie jar, quietly I lifted the lid and snatched out a big one, suddenly the fat man hollered “You scoundrel! … you got some nerve sticking your hand in and stealing cookies from my jar!” I was lost for words, so I hollered back “I was hungry!” but then the fat man’s bulging eyes noticed his silverware tucked into my back pockets, so without saying another word he called to the butler to call the cops.
    Months later reading my bible in prison, it occurred to me that the cookie jar had a lesson for me …

    If your gonna steal from the Fat Man’s cookie jar, don’t steal his silverware

    PS I’ve since made peace with my maker

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