Adapting to my new morning routines

It is amusing to look to the right of my screen and see the “Tag Cloud”. For those who may not know, the Tag Cloud shows the topics I write about most frequently. The larger the font for the topic, the more I have written about that topic. I would like to do a long term analysis of that cloud to see how the topics grow and change through the months and years to come.

Notice right now the biggest fonts are being hogged by the topics, sleeping, rough mornings, and diapers. I suppose that sums up my world at this point.

On a positive note, Annalie slept through from about midnight, when I went up to sleep until just before my alarm went off this morning. That is cool for the night time but adds a bit of confusion to my morning routine. See, once she is awake, she demands food. So instead of laying in bed and blissfully listening to Rick Clough and the morning team discuss the business report, Cecilia Walters do the 6:30 local news and then the sports guy…ahhh…the good old days.

Now it is sit straight up, legs around, get up, grab a bottle, warm it up, or not, depending on my charitable feelings, and into the nursery to sit in the glider chair and watch the kid eat. That is the fun part. The tough part is letting go of my 15 minutes of peaceful, slow start to the day.

I just do not like to be awoken from my slumber to the sounds of a “five alarm blaze” start to the day. I remember years ago I was at our family cabin years ago with my father. He got up early and went for a walk. Inside the cabin it is dark beyond dark. And there is no electricity so there is no, absolutely no noise of fridges running or anything. I was sleeping so deeply it was peace and heaven. My Dad came back and pounded on the door, as a joke, and I awoke like I was in a war. My heart was racing, eyes wide-open, full on shit in my pants wide-awake. I have never forgotten that morning.

However, back to the future, once the bottle is in place though, all is back to peace. And then she finishes her bottle, looks up at me with gratitude, I sigh from love, she gives a big grin, a man-sized loud burp just like I taught her and then it is back to bed for her, and off to walk Jimmy and clean the cat shit box for me. The day is rolling. Peace.