Adventures with the Fridge Door and More

Today Brown Bear discovered that the fridge door opens.

Hmm a fridge door

Hmm a fridge door

And then with some effort…

Trying to open the fridge

Trying to open the fridge

And finally “success”

Success with the fridge

Success with the fridge

Ironically, the first thing she grabbed from inside the fridge door was the hot sauce. She promptly left that behind. She felt the need to call a friend to see just how dangerous it is.


Sadly for her and even more so for Blonde Bear, the adventure ended at that point. Sweetheart came home from a shopping expedition with a brand new gate. Welcome to Check Point Charlie.

Crying time

Crying time

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5 Responses to Adventures with the Fridge Door and More

  1. stacey says:

    Just for the record, this is one of those blog posts that was too much fun not to do. Even though I have “work” blog posts to do. Procrastination time.

  2. kelsey says:

    Best Gate EVER! We have it on Ks room to keep her in and the cat out. LOVE it! Be warned though, If you don’t level it just so, ti SLAMS shut and freaks everyone out 😉

  3. Gay says:

    That is the cutest blog ever! They are just growing up so fast. I can’t believe she can open the fridge already.

  4. Crunchy says:

    Heh…the excitement of the fridge….and phones….all our gates seem to be breaking so we are running out of defenses around here

  5. Kevin says:

    thnk god my two girls are all grown up…geez! Funny.

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